Highlights of New Laws Related to Medicine that Took Effect January 1

January 5, 2023

Illinois kicked off 2024 with 150 new laws now in effect! ISMS has compiled some of the notable health-related bills that initiate January 1, including a ban of electronic cigarettes in public places, additional health insurance coverage for a variety of services, law enforcement officers receiving training about PTSD and fentanyl test strips becoming more widely available.

While not directly related to medicine, you might also be interested to know that under the new laws videoconferencing while driving is now banned, adoption fees for any pet are waived for Illinois military veterans and the Electric Vehicle Charging Act now requires all new construction single-family homes and multi-family buildings to include EV-capable parking.


Health Insurance

  • Reconstructive Services – Public Act 103-0123
    Directs that all third-party payers, including Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), must reimburse medically necessary reconstructive treatments on structures of the body damaged by trauma.

    This law is a direct result of ISMS advocacy driven through a resolution authored by Tariq Issa and Divya Meher Surabhi when they were ISMS medical student members, which advocated for coverage of restorative treatments for victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. Through this resolution, ISMS caused legislation to be introduced. Health insurance companies must be in full compliance for plans on or after Jan. 1, 2025.

  • Proton Beam Therapy Coverage – Public Act 103-0325

    Requires insurance coverage for cancer treatment using proton beam therapy. An insurer cannot apply a higher standard of clinical evidence for the coverage of proton beam therapy than it would for any other form of radiation treatment therapy.

  • Mental Health and Wellness Act – Public Act 103-0535

    Creates the Mental Health and Wellness Act, which provides that a mental health prevention and wellness visit will also be covered in addition to an annual physical examination and that a mental health prevention and wellness visit be reimbursed within any type of integrated primary care service delivery method.

  • Saliva Cancer Test – Public Act 103-0445

    Requires individual and group accident and health policies to cover at-home saliva cancer screening every 24 months under certain conditions.

  • Coverage for Impaired Children – Public Act 103-0458

    Requires that group and individual accident and health insurance policies provide coverage for children who have been diagnosed with any disease, syndrome, or disorder that includes low tone neuromuscular impairments, neurological impairments or cognitive impairments.

  • Liver Disease Screenings – Public Act 103-0084

    Requires most health insurers to cover the cost of preventative liver disease screenings for those ages 35-65 at high risk for liver disease.

  • Compression Sleeve Coverage – Public Act 103-0091

    Requires insurance coverage for medically necessary compression sleeves to prevent or mitigate lymphedema.

  • Health Insurance Parity/Disability – Public Act 103-0094

    Requires the Department of Insurance to collect specified data concerning disability insurance plans and limitations on mental health and substance use disorder benefits.

  • Medical Records – Public Act 103-0554  

    Changes the Illinois Freedom of Information Act to exempt from disclosure electronic medical records and all information that may be contained within or extracted from any record held by a public body that is a HIPAA-covered entity in compliance with HIPAA.  

Training Law Enforcement Officers About PTSD

  • Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator – Public Act 103-0382 
    Creates the Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator, appointed by the Governor. The PTSD Mental Health Coordinator shall be responsible for implementing a program of mental health support and education for law enforcement officers.

Public Health and Safety

  • Electronic CigarettesPublic Act 103-0272
    E-cigarette use will no longer be permitted in indoor public spaces or within 15 feet of a public entrance. The new law adds electronic smoking devices to the list prohibited products under the Smoke Free Illinois Act, the indoor smoking ban that was enacted in 2008.

  • Overdose Prevention (Fentanyl) – Public Act 103-0336  

    Permits pharmacists and retailers to sell fentanyl testing strips to the public over the counter to check for the unknown presence of fentanyl, fentanyl analogue, or a drug adulterant within a controlled substance.

If you have questions, please contact ISMS Senior Vice President of State Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien by email.

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