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Keeping the Pulse on Illinois Medicine

In a time of evolving regulatory action, our experienced teams can help keep ISMS members up-to-date on the latest healthcare rules and regulations implemented by lawmakers, insurance companies, and state health agencies.

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Common areas of assistance:


Public and Private Payers

Policies and Procedures

Regulatory Guidance

Billing and Coding Issues

Compliance Problems

With You Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re a large medical group, small practice or an independent physician, ISMS members have access to one-on-one assistance and other resources for their most pressing problems.

Expert Analysis on Medical Topics

  •  Advance Directives
  •  COVID-19
  •  Credentialing
  •  Electronic Health Records
  •  HIPAA
  •  Marijuana
  •  Medicare & Medicaid
  •  Physician Wellness
  •  Physician Licensure
  •  Scope-of-Practice
  •  Social Media Guidance
  •  Telemedicine
  •  Vaccinations and Immunizations

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“I am grateful for the advocacy and outcomes ISMS has delivered to my patients and me personally. It is a real gift to have during these clinical challenges.”

– Dr. Aaron Newcomb, ISMS Member, Carbondale, IL

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