ISMS Secured Numerous Legislative Wins for Medicine!

The 2024 Illinois Spring Legislative Session wrapped up last week and your governmental affairs team worked tirelessly to push through a number of victories for Illinois physicians!
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ISMS Secured Numerous Legislative Wins for Medicine!

Many ISMS-backed bills cleared the General Assembly and will be on their way to Governor Pritzker’s desk.

Illinois Gets in Position to Address Future Public Health Emergencies

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Illinois conducted a study on its response to the emergency and what lessons could be learned for the next time.

The General Assembly Approves Budget for Fiscal Year 2025

Late Sunday, May 26, the Senate passed a $53.1 billion budget, which the House then approved in the early morning hours on Wednesday.  

Cybersecurity Event Affecting Ascension Health Operations, Prescriptions

ISMS suggests clearly documenting in the patient's medical record the specific reason you are unable to submit an electronic prescription.

14 Days Left in Spring Legislative Session

The ISMS Government Affairs team will be maximizing every opportunity to advance bills designed to improve the state of medicine in Illinois.

E-Prescribing Mandate in Effect Now for 4 Months. Are Pharmacies Still Denying Paper Prescriptions?

ISMS has heard from members that there is still confusion at pharmacies over the handling of paper prescriptions for controlled substances.

Learn How ISMS Is Fighting for You in Springfield!

Want to get a glimpse of what's going on in Illinois' statehouse that directly affects you?

Lyme Disease Cases Are Peaking Now!

Physicians should be on the lookout for possible symptoms of Lyme disease. 

ISMS Is Working to Push Legislative Wins Over the Finish Line!

The 2024 Illinois Spring Legislative Session is in full swing.

Senate Passes ISMS-Supported Legislation to Create “Family Recovery Plans”

The bill aims to preserve the family unit in cases of substance-exposed infants.

Spring Session Legislative Priorities

ISMS is busy in Springfield representing the interests of Illinois physicians in several pieces of legislation.

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