Resources for Physicians

Advance Directives

Health Care Surrogate Act

Medical Legal Guideline

This document outlines a physician’s responsibilities under the Health Care Surrogate Act.


Truth in Advertising

Medical Legal Guideline

Physician responsibilities under the Truth in Health Care Professional Services Act.

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Contract Review/Negotiation

A Physician's Guide to Contracts or Agreements with Managed Care Entities

Medical Legal Guideline

This Handbook helps IL physicians understand contracts offered for the delivery of medical services.

An Outline of Critical Terms of Employment Agreements

Medical Legal Guideline

This outline provides physicians with a working knowledge of the most critical items found in employment contracts.

Escaping the Contract of Doom

Medical Legal Guideline

Navigating insurance agreements can be risky – this resource identifies what to look out for.

Restrictive Covenants in Physician Employment Agreements

Medical Legal Guideline

What physicians need to know about restrictive covenants included in employment contracts.

Controlled Substances/Opioids

The Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program

Issue Brief

How the PMP can be used as part of the solution to the opioid crisis in Illinois.

Controlled Substances - Office Practice

Medical Legal Guideline

Physician office guidelines for prescribing, safeguarding, dispensing, storage and disposal of controlled substances.


Licensure and Credentialing

Provides physicians with licensing requirements, guidelines, and interpretations addressing CME in Illinois. 

Uniform Credentialing

Uniform credentialing forms for Illinois physicians for use by all hospitals and health plans.

Death Definitions

Death Definitions

Medical Legal Guideline

This resource outlines legal and certification needs related to definitions of death.

Signing Death Certificates in Illinois

Medical Legal Guideline

Requirements for physicians when signing a patient’s death certificate.

Disability Placard

Disability Placard Certification: Know the Rules

What physicians need to know before certifying a patient for a disability placard.

Financial Planning

Asset Protection

Medical Legal Guideline

This resource defines asset protection and outlines its importance for medical professionals.


HIPAA Model Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures

ISMS makes these HIPAA documents available to our members to update your practice's HIPAA materials.

Illinois Good Samaritan Act

Free Medical Clinics, Charitable Care Clinics & the Good Samaritan Act

Medical Legal Guideline

Full discussion of physician protections under the Good Samaritan Act.


Medical Liability Lawsuits

Medical Legal Guideline

Step-by-step guide of what to do after you receive notice that you are being sued for medical malpractice.

Federal (NPDB) & State Reporting

Medical Legal Guideline

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is an information clearinghouse of licensed health care practitioners.

Health Care Arbitration Act

Medical Legal Guideline

This presentation addresses how the Health Care Arbitration Act (710 ILCS 15) impacts physicians.

Health Care Services Liens

Medical Legal Guideline

This resource outlines how the Health Care Services Lien Act (770 ILCS 23) impacts physicians.


Medical Legal Guideline

What a physician needs to do in order to respond in an acceptable way after receiving a subpoena.

Health Courts and Other Alternative Medical Liability Solutions

Medical Legal Guideline

Information on new models of resolving medical liability disputes and compensating injured patients.

Negligent Credentialing - What It Is And How To Avoid It

Medical Legal Guideline

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that medical staff applications are discoverable in cases alleging negligent credentialing.

Responding to Unanticipated Outcomes

Medical Legal Guideline

A quick checklist of what to do in the event of an unanticipated outcome.

Sterilization of a Ward

Medical Legal Guideline

Requirements for a guardian of the ward to have the authority to give consent for sterilization.


On the Horizon: An Expedited System for Multi-State Practice

Issue Brief

Discussion of how doctors can now apply for expedited medical licenses in other states participating in the Compact.

Mandated Reporting

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements and Temporary Protection Custody

Medical Legal Guideline

Medical professional reporting requirements when encountering any child who is believed to be abused or neglected.

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Medical Legal Guideline

Resource explaining the ins and outs of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act (MCP) for physicians.

Tips for Certifying Patients for Medical Cannabis Cards

Medical Legal Guideline

What physicians should keep in mind when deciding whether to certify a patient for a medical cannabis card.

Medical Practice Act

Medical Practice Act: What is it and why is it important?

Explanation of the Medical Practice Act and how it impacts the practice of medicine in Illinois.

Medical Practice Act

Full text of the Medical Practice Act in Illinois.

Medical Staff Resources

Purpose and Necessity for an Independent Medical Staff

ISMS statement on the purpose and need of having an independent medical staff.

The Joint Commission

Direct link to the Joint Commission and its resources.

Illinois Supreme Court’s Recognition of the Importance of the Independent Medical Staff

Medical Legal Guideline

Illinois Supreme Court recognition statement of the need to have an independent medical staff.

Model Medical Staff By Laws (2011)

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample to aid in the understanding of requirements for Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws.

Model Medical Staff By Laws (2008)

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample of medical staff bylaws language pertaining to allied health professionals credentialing and privileging.

Model Allied Health Personnel By Laws Provisions (2008)

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample of medical staff bylaws language pertaining to allied health professionals credentialing and privileging.

Medical Staff Bill of Rights

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample of medical staff bill of rights language for use when drafting medical staff bylaws.

Medical Staff Provisions of the Hospital Licensing Act

Medical Legal Guideline

Language from the Hospital Licensing Act related to medical staff provisions.


Parental Powers and Minors

Medical Legal Guideline

Physicians may provide certain services to minor patients without parental consent, but there are some limitations.

Consent To Treat Minor Patient Without Parent or Guardian Present

Medical Legal Guideline

Form to obtain consent to treat a minor patient without a parent or guardian present

Patient Care Resources and Checklists

Long-Term Care Attending Physician Checklist

Medical Legal Guideline

A quick checklist of the responsibilities for long-term care attending physicians.

Mandatory Prenatal and Postpartum Depression Education Assessment

Medical Legal Guideline

A reference sheet of mandatory prenatal and postpartum depression education and assessment requirements.

The Prior Authorization Reform Act

Issue Brief

Overview of the Prior Authorization Reform Act.

Mandatory Reporting Checklist

Medical Legal Guideline

A quick-reference checklist for actions to complete in various scenarios from birth to death.

Model Emergency Room Referral Form

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample emergency room referral form for physician use.

Physician Nursing Home Visits

Medical Legal Guideline

State and federal guidelines for physician services that must be provided in nursing facilities.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Medical Legal Guideline

OSHA rules regarding occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens and infection control procedures.

Concealed Carry of Firearms - Mandatory Reporting

Medical Legal Guideline

Physician requirements and responsibilities under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66).

Vitamin B12 Injections

Medical Legal Guideline

Prescription and administration requirements related to Vitamin B12 injections.

Regulations for Practices Using Lasers

New rules to the Medical Practice Act regarding the use of lasers by physicians.

Laser Registration Form

Requirements of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency for facilities that possess laser systems.

Patient Communications and Forms

Patient Discharge Model Letter - After Discussion

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample discharge letter after discussion with patient terminating the physician-patient relationship.

Patient Discharge Model Letter - General

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample discharge letter when the physician is terminating the physician-patient relationship.

Physician-Patient Relationships: Withdrawal or Termination

Medical Legal Guideline

Five circumstances where a physician-patient relationship can be ended without liability, and notification forms.

Referral Notice to Patients

Medical Legal Guideline

A sample letter when referring a patient to a provider within a financially-integrated practice.

STD Best Practices


Medical Legal Guideline

Physician requirement standard to obtain consent for HIV testing of a patient.

Team-based approach

Physician Delegation

Medical Legal Guideline

Guidelines for physicians who may delegate patient care tasks or duties in various settings.


Telemedicine in Illinois: Emergency Measures Made Permanent

Issue Brief

ISMS Issue Brief outlining the law making permanent many of the emergency telemedicine rules that were authorized during COVID-19.

Telemedicine in Illinois: Q & A

Issue Brief

ISMS Issue Brief answering frequently asked questions regarding the new telehealth law.

Telemedicine Principles

Issue Brief

ISMS’ 10 principles related to the expanded adoption and use of telemedicine.

Telemedicine Tips

Medical Legal Guideline

Understand telemedicine best practices, reimbursement, privacy and documentation, and what the law says.


An Illinois Focus on Physician Wellbeing

Issue Brief

List of recent activities and resources developed to reduce barriers for physicians to get the assistance they need.

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