Councils and Committees

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Illinois healthcare is shaped by Illinois physicians.

ISMS takes action and makes medical policy in Illinois with the guidance of its physician members. Serving on an ISMS council or committee is an opportunity to provide your expertise on the bills and policies impacting Illinois.

Are you ready to shape medical policy in Illinois? Nominations are accepted year-round!

2022-23 ISMS Board Committees

Thomas M. Anderson, MD, Chair
Rodney Alford, MD
Richard C. Anderson, MD
Christine Bishof, MD
Clarence Brown, Jr., MD
Robert J. Oliver, MD
J. Regan Thomas, MD

Robert Oliver, MD, Chair
Richard Anderson, MD
Thomas Anderson, MD
Mitchell King, MD
Kambiz Zorriasateyn, MD

Adrienne Fregia, MD, Chair
Tiffanie Ferry, MD
Courtney Harris, MD
Tripti Kataria, MD
Holly Rosencranz, MD
Laura Shea, MD
Ann Stroink, MD
Piyush Vyas, MD
Thomas M. Anderson, MD (ex-officio)

2022-23 Councils and Committees

The Committee on CME Accreditation determines issues related to accreditation and CME sponsorship.

Kim Pyle, MD, Chicago, Chair
Peter Doris, MD, Downers Grove
Kuhn Hong, MD, Chicago
Ronald L. Johnson, MD, Pittsfield
Christine Mueller, MD, Dundee
Ruchi, Naik, MD, Chicago
Ann Stroink, MD, Bloomington
Michael Treister, MD, Chicago

Board Consultants:
Kambiz Zorriasateyn, MD, Chicago

Non-Board Consultant:
Jennifer Troyanovich

The committee on CME Activities plans and approves the Society's continuing education activities.

Daniel R. Hoffman, MD, Mt. Vernon, Chair
George Beranek, MD, Pekin
Walaa Dabbas, MD, Chicago
John P. Holden, MD, Rockford
Ted Lorenc, MD, Crystal Lake
Colleen McGuire, MD, Chicago
Robert Milas, MD, Rock Island
Karl Napekoski, MD, Naperville
Ernest Nora, MD, Chicago
Vikram Patel, MD, South Barrington
Morinola Shobajo, Riverdale (student)
Sarah Zallek, MD, Peoria Heights

Board Consultants:
Tripti Kataria, MD, Chicago
Mitchell King, MD, Rockford

Medical Student Section:
Kody Jones, Chicago

Resident & Fellow Section:

Daniel Hoffman, MD, Mount Vernon
Ted Lorenc, MD, Crystal Lake
Mitchell King, MD, Rockford

The Council on Communications & Membership Advocacy oversees and guides ISMS' communications with physician members and non-members, and externally, on behalf of physician interests. Through effective communications and marketing, the Council promotes member recruitment and retention.

Viquar Khan-Mundozie, MD, Harvard, Chair
Eve Bloomgarden, MD, Northbrook
Brad Epstein, MD, Elgin
Eli Goodman, MD, Springfield
Kuhn Hong, MD, Chicago
Shikha Jain, MD, Chicago
Robert Marquis, MD, Mokena
Vanessa Stan, MD, Chicago
Apoorva Tummala, Chicago (student)
William Werner, MD, Skokie

Board Consultants:
Robert Oliver, MD, Frankfort

Medical Student Section:
Shruthi Bhuma, North Chicago

Resident & Fellow Section:

County Consultants:
Ms. Janet Corirossi, Winnebago County
Ms. Meg Williams, Peoria County

Paul Merrick, MD, Lisle, Chair
Sean Adams, MD, Naperville
Bapu Arekapudi, MD, Chicago
Christine Bishof, MD, Elmhurst (BOT)
Steven Deliduka, MD, Elmhurst
Amy Derick, MD, Barrington (BOT)
Benjamin Domb, MD, Des Plaines
Stanley Friedell, MD, Chicago
Elisabeth Giblin, MD, Chicago
Michael Hanak, MD, Chicago
Leon Huddleston, MD, Merrionette Park
Adnan Hussain, MD, Chicago
Maitreyi Janarthanan, MD, Rock Island
Janet Lin, MD, Chicago
Giuseppe Maiocco, Springfield (student)
Steven Mardjetko, MD, Morton Grove (BOT)
Rakhil Makwana, North Chicago (student)
Constance Marks, MD, Joliet
Joshua Nathan, MD, Northbrook
Sachin Patel, MD, Chicago (BOT)
Edward Pont, MD, Elmhurst
William Small, Jr., MD, Chicago
Stephen Spontak, MD, Lockport
Myrtis Sullivan, MD, Chicago
Shastri Swaminathan, MD, Westmont
Daniel Yohanna, MD, Chicago
Kambiz Zorriasateyn, MD, Chicago (BOT)
Martha Menchaca, MD, Brookfield

Medical Student Section:
Swathi Bhuma, North Chicago

Resident & Fellow Section:
Megan Finneran, DO, Bloomington

Susan T. Hingle, MD, Springfield, Chair
Murad Alam, MD, Chicago
S. Masood Ali, MD, Peoria
Shehzad Ali, MD, Chicago
Mohammad Arfeen, DO, Oak Brook
Bruce Blacker, MD, Chicago
Debbie Fowler-Dixon Bross, MD, Maryville
Steven Campau, MD, Belvidere
Ajay Chauhan, DO, Hoffman Estates
Peter Doris, MD, Downers Grove
Daniel R. Hoffman, MD, Mt. Vernon
Haneme Idrizi, MD, Springfield
Emma Johns, Springfield (student)
Linus Lee, Champaign (student)
Avinash Murthy, MD, Springfield
Trista Negele, MD, Hinsdale
Karen Nichols, DO, Mesa
Francis J. Nicolosi, MD, Rockford
Karen O’Mara, DO, Chicago
Scott Pasichow, MD, Mahomet
Ayca Raif, MD, Pittsfield
Holly Rosencranz, MD, Champaign
Joseph Siegler, MD, Chicago
Vidya Sundareshan, MD, Springfield
Geoffrey Tsaras, MD, Rockford
Laura Vargas, MD, Springfield
Manajyoti Yadav, MD, Chicago

Board Consultants:
Mitchell King, MD, Rockford
Jennifer Marsidi, DO, Champaign (resident)

Medical Student Section:
Mark Solinski, Oak Park

Resident & Fellow Section:
Constantine Kanakis, MD, Chicago

The Governmental Affairs Council develops, promotes, and evaluates state and federal legislation, and is responsible for political education on issues affecting physicians and their practice.

Piyush Vyas, MD, Lake Forest, Chair
Smitha Arekapudi, MD, Chicago
Howard Axe, MD, Buffalo Grove
Victoria Barbosa, MD, Chicago
Jeffrey Bennett, MD, Springfield
Raymond Bertino, MD, Peoria
Joanna Bisgrove, MD, Evanston
Eleni Bourtsos, MD, Hinsdale
Asokumar Buvanendran, MD, Chicago
Neesha Patel Desai, MD, Chicago
John P. Holden, MD, Rockford
Adnan Hussain, MD, Chicago
Vivek Iyengar, MD, Hinsdale
Napoleon Knight, MD, Champaign
Lily Lou, MD, Palos Park
Niva Lubin-Johnson, MD, Chicago
James MacKenzie, DO, Chicago
Candace McGregor, MD, Champaign
Brian A. Murphy, MD, Naperville
Anum Niazi, MD, Chicago
Richard Nora, MD, Rockford
Maura Quinlan, MD, LaGrange
Kenneth Sagins, MD, Sherman
Robert Sobel, MD, Chicago
Ann Stroink, MD, Bloomington
David A. Stumpf, MD, Woodstock
Thomas Sugarman, MD, Chicago
Krishnarao V. Tangella, MD, Champaign
Avani Yaganti, O’Fallon (student)
Adam Young, MD, Morton Grove

Board Consultants:
Richard C. Anderson, MD, Peoria
Amy Derick, MD, Barrington
Tariq Issa, Chicago (student)
Tripti Kataria, MD, Chicago

Medical Student Section:
Emilee Gibson, Springfield

Resident & Fellow Section:
Tristan Mackey, MD, Peoria

The Medical Legal Council focuses on legal developments affecting the medical profession.

Steven Williams, MD, Bourbonnais, Chair
Jeffrey Altman, MD, Woodstock
Arden Barnett, MD, Champaign
J.F. Kelly Carroll, MD, Silvis
Arya Vinaykant Dadhania, Chicago (student)
Brian Doane, MD, Northbrook
Charles Ellington, MD, Camargo
Ruchi Fitzgerald, MD, Hinsdale
Stanley Fronczak, MD, Westmont
Miena Hall, MD, Elmhurst
Leon Huddleston, MD, Merrionette Park
Joel Klein, MD, Deerfield
Richard Kube, MD, Peoria
Andrew Mahtani, MD, O’Fallon
Stephen Minore, MD, Loves Park
John Prunskis, MD, Elgin
Sohail Siddique, MD, Springfield
Abdi Tinwalla, MD, Burr Ridge
Laura H. Tommaso, MD, Barrington
Kayla Tran, North Chicago (student)
Eric Werner, MD, St. Charles
Lanny Wilson, MD, Hinsdale

Board Consultants:
Richard C. Anderson, MD, Peoria
Paul E. Pedersen, MD, Bloomington

Medical Student Section:
Daniel Y. Johnson, Chicago

Resident & Fellow Section:
Courtney E. Harris, MD, Chicago

The Council on Medical Service reviews issues related to the delivery of medical care and health services, including mental health and public health issues

Deborah McDermott, MD, Belleville, Chair
Sharjeel Ahmad, MD, Chicago
Alana Biggers, MD, Chicago
James Cannon, MD, Lemont
Howard Chodash, MD, Springfield
Virginia Dolan, MD, Springfield
Adrienne L. Fregia, MD, Flossmoor
Kamala Ghaey, MD, Chicago
Michael Hanak, MD, Chicago
Nathan Kakish, MD, Crystal Lake
Raunak Khisty, MD, Kankakee
Jonathan D. Klein, MD, Chicago
Jerrold Leikin, MD, Glencoe
Laura Li, North Chicago (student)
Cosme Lozano, MD, Joliet
Peter Orris, MD, Chicago
Neha Panigrahy, Champaign (student)
Robert W. Panton, MD, Elmwood Park
Monika Pitzele, MD, Chicago
Wayne V. Polek, MD, Batavia
Nikhilesh (Nik) Raju, MD (resident)
Laura Shea, MD, Springfield
Lindsay Stine, Carbondale (student)
David A. Stumpf, MD, Woodstock
Shastri Swaminathan, MD, Westmont
Rockford Yapp, MD, Clarendon Hills
Philip Zumwalt, MD, Watseka

Board Consultants:
Paul E. Pedersen, MD, Bloomington
Sam Stokes, III, MD, Carbondale

Medical Student Section:
Taryn Weatherly, Springfield

Resident & Fellow Section:
Adam Roussas, MD, Chicago

The Women in Medicine Committee overall goals are to: monitor key issues and policies affecting women in medicine, provide mentorship and leadership for women physicians and medical students, and to expand advocacy and education efforts for women in medicine.

Emelie Ilarde, MD, Chicago, Chair
Raziye Akram, Lombard (student)
Abeer Almajali, MD, Peoria
Eve Bloomgarden, MD, Northbrook
Debbie Fowler-Dixon Bross, MD, Maryville
Nancy Church, MD, Chicago
Mary Ann Collins, MD, Chicago Ridge
Evelyn Diaz-Jimenez, MD, Barrington
Adrienne L. Fregia, MD, Flossmoor
Deepali Gershan, MD, Northbrook
Sonia Gilani, Rockford (student)
Sandra Haddad, MD, Elmhurst
Shruti Hegde, MD, Springfield
Shikha Jain, MD, Chicago
Sabrina Khan Jones, MD, Champaign
Elizabeth Kiracofe, MD, Oak Park
Veeda Landeras, MD, Chicago
Niva Lubin-Johnson, MD,  Chicago
Alka Madan, DO, Hoffman Estates
Bridget McClain, Springfield (student)
Rasmeet Miller, MD, Chicago
Christine Mueller, MD, Dundee
Ruchi Naik, MD, Chicago
Christine Schwartz-Peterson, MD, Park Ridge
Christiana Shoushtari, MD, Chicago
Neha Siddiqui,  Glen Ellyn (student)
Kathy Tynus, MD, Chicago
Cagla Unal, Carbondale (student)
Laura Vargas, MD, Springfield

Board Consultants:
Christine Bishof, MD, Elmhurst
Jennifer Marsidi, DO, Wilmette (resident)

Medical Student Section:
Emma Fenner, Springfield

Resident & Fellow Section:
Megan Finneran, DO, Bloomington

Appointments and Representatives

RIMSAP is a program operated jointly with the Illinois Farm Bureau, which makes recommendations for admission to the University of Illinois College of Medicine of students consenting to practice primary care medicine in an approved rural community for five years.

Paul E. Pedersen, MD, Bloomington, Chair
S. Masood Ali, MD, Peoria
Julie Brown, MD, Geneseo

Steven Williams, MD, Bourbonnais, Chair
Jacquelynne Corey, MD, Chicago
James G. MacKenzie, DO, Chicago
David Palmer, MD, Glencoe
Laura Shea, MD, Springfield

J. Regan Thomas, MD, Chair
Clarence W. Brown Jr., MD, JD
Rodney S. Alford, MD
Richard C. Anderson, MD
Thomas M. Anderson, MD

Paul E. Pedersen, MD, Chair
Christine P. Bishof, MD
Clarence W. Brown Jr., MD, JD
Amy Derick, MD
Robert Oliver, MD
Kambiz Zorriasateyn, MD
Thomas M. Anderson, MD (ex-officio)

Membership Sections/Affiliate Groups

Executive Committee

Jere E. Freidheim, MD, Willowbrook, Chair
Arthur R. Traugott, MD, Urbana, 1st Vice Chair
William E. Kobler, MD, Rockford, 2nd Vice Chair
Scott A. Cooper, MD, Chicago, Secretary-Treasurer
Amy J. Derick, MD, Barrington, Member At-Large

Council Members

Rodney S. Alford, MD, Watseka
Clarence W. Brown, MD, Chicago
James A. Bull, MD, Silvis
Howard B. Chodash, MD, Springfield
John J. DeGuide, MD, Rockford
Paul H. DeHaan, MD, McHenry
Benjamin G. Domb, MD, Glencoe
Adrienne L. Fregia, MD, Flossmoor
Richard A. Geline, MD, Glenview
Vivek Iyengar, MD, Hindsale
Tripti Kataria, MD, Chicago
Robert J. Oliver, MD, Frankfort
Sandra F. Olson, MD, Chicago
Robert W. Panton, MD, Elmwood Park
Scott H. Pasichow, MD, Mahomet
Rashmikant Patel, MD, Lake Forest
Wayne V. Polek, MD, St. Charles
Edward A. Pont, MD, Elmhurst
Phillip J. Rossi, MD, Hopedale
Christine Sharis, MD, Moline
Ronald J. Simone, MD, Geneva
M. LeRoy Sprang, MD, Skokie
Shastri Swaminathan, MD, Oak Brook
J. Regan Thomas, MD, Chicago
Lanny F. Wilson, MD, Hinsdale

The IMG Section provides an organized forum to address IMG issues and concerns and enhance IMG participation in organized medicine.

Vikram B. Patel, MD, Chair
S. Masood Ali, MD, Vice-Chair
Kuhn Hong, MD, Secretary
Piyush Vyas, MD, Treasurer

Board Consultant:
Nestor A. Ramirez, MD, Champaign

The Medical Student section provides representation of student opinions and ideas in organized medicine.

Chair, Rasa Valiauga
Vice Chair/Treasurer, Aquilla Chase
Secretary/Editor, Julia Versel
Student Trustee ISMS BOT, Tariq Issa
Student Trustee to ISMS BOT-Elect
ISMS Student Alt Del to IL Del to AMA, Neha Siddiqui
Immediate Past Chair, Courtney Harris

School Representatives

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) at Midwestern University
Anastasia Rubakovic, Delegate
TBD, Alternate

Carle Illinois College of Medicine (CICOM)
Adam Sonnenberg, Delegate
Neha Siddiqui, Alternate

Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine
Angelika Kwak, Delegate
Julia Versel, Alternate

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Alex Richards, Delegate
Meilynn Shi, Alternate

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
Amin Alayleh, Delegate
Adina Dobre, Alternate

Rush Medical College
Andy Wu, Delegate
Kody Jones, Alternate

Southern Illinois University, Springfield
Jared Hendren, Delegate
Emilee Gibson, Alternate

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
TBD, Delegate
TBD, Alternate

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
TBD, Delegate
TBD, Alternate

University of Illinois, Chicago
Stephanie Pineda, Delegate
Tajanna Stinn, Alternate

University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana
TBD, Delegate
TBD, Alternate

University of Illinois, Peoria
Leah Beth VanBlaricum (Carter), Delegate
TBD, Alternate

University of Illinois, Rockford
Erin Sondgeroth, Delegate
Silpa Raju, Alternate

Representatives to ISMS Councils/Committees

Council on CME Activities - Kody Jones
Council on Communications and Membership Advocacy - Shruthi Bhuma
Council on Economics - Swathi Bhuma
Council on Education and Health Workforce - Mark Solinski
Council on Medical Service - Taryn Weatherly
Governmental Affairs Council - Emilee Gibson
Medical Legal Council - Daniel Y. Johnson
Women in Medicine Committee - Emma Fenner


The Resident & Fellow Section provides representation of resident opinions and ideas in organized medicine.

Chair, Megan Finneran, DO
Vice Chair, External Affairs, Ammu Thampi Susheela, MD
Resident Delegate to the Illinois AMA Delegation, Keziah Aibangbee, MD
Resident Member of the ISMS Board of Trustees, Jennifer Marsidi, DO

Representatives to ISMS Councils/Committees

Committee on CME Activities - TBD
Council on Communications and Membership Advocacy - TBD
Council on Economics - Megan Finneran, DO
Council on Medical Service - Adam Roussas, MD
Governmental Affairs Council - Tristan Mackey, MD
Medical Legal Council - Courtney E. Harris, MD
Women in Medicine Committee - Megan Finneran, DO

ISMS council and committee appointments are open to current ISMS members. If you are interested in serving on a council or committee, please complete the form below:

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