Highlights of Governor Pritzker’s Annual Budget Address for FY 2023

February 3, 2022

Earlier this week Governor Pritzker gave his annual budget for fiscal year 2023, even though the House and Senate sessions were canceled due to hazardous winter travel conditions. State law requires the budget address to be given this year on the first Wednesday in February.

The governor's address featured several pieces of good news for physicians. The budget includes a commitment to reducing unpaid bills, including for care provided to state employees, which could finally eliminate the reimbursement backlog if approved. Medical practices serving state employees and retirees have long faced tremendous financial challenges waiting months for reimbursement.

Other key proposals for the FY 2023 budget related to medicine and medical practices include:

  • Eliminating licensure fees for 470,000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, respiratory care workers, social workers and others in the coming fiscal year.

  • Providing direct grants for small businesses to support their recovery.

  • Appointing a Chief Behavioral Health Officer to oversee and coordinate behavioral health services directly with the governor's office.

  • Creating the Pipeline for the Advancement of the Healthcare Workforce (PATH) program, which will invest $25 million in our community colleges to remove barriers to recruiting and training of new frontline healthcare workers.

If you have questions, please contact ISMS Senior Vice President of State Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien by email.

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