Strength Through Collaboration

ISMS President
Rodney S. Alford, M.D., M.B.A.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Rodney Alford, your new ISMS President.

I am thrilled to be taking office as president of the Illinois State Medical Society, after practicing in internal medicine and pediatrics for more than 30 years. And for more than two decades, I have been an active volunteer in organized medicine leadership. During this time, I’ve gotten to know this organization well and have seen first-hand how ISMS advocates for physicians through lobbying efforts, leadership development and providing invaluable educational resources for members – all with the shared goal of improving the practice of medicine in Illinois.

ISMS goes to great lengths to make the physician’s voice heard in all forums – from the most rural areas in Illinois, where I have practiced for the majority of my career, to the bustling metropolis of Chicago, where I did my medical training, and to the statehouse in Springfield. The Illinois State Medical Society always tailors its efforts to best serve all physicians and the needs of their patients. At its core, ISMS is a professional society of physicians, by physicians, for physicians – a resource we need now more than ever before.

With the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the administrative hurdles challenging us daily, the role of the physician continues to change in many ways.

ISMS is here to fight these ever-growing trends that often stand in the way of practicing medicine professionally, effectively and economically. Through engaging with elected officials, other significant stakeholders and the public, ISMS spreads the message that our training as physicians carries weight, our experience matters and our leadership provides the critical foundation to a functioning healthcare system. It is imperative that we share our perspectives as physicians as we work together to resolve issues that threaten patient care and public health.

It’s also vital that we work together to tackle the numerous trials we face as a society. As president, I’m eager to hear the ideas of our outstanding physicians and medical students throughout the state of Illinois about how to promote the important work of all physicians. By nurturing collaboration and innovation among our members, the best ideas develop into resolutions, resolutions become actions by ISMS leaders, and these actions lead to genuine change for Illinois physicians.

Thank you for the distinction and privilege of serving as your president this year – I can’t wait to get started!   

I am always interested in hearing from ISMS members. Send me an email at any time to share an idea or ask a question.

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