What if the Unthinkable Were to Happen – A Breach of Your Patients’ Protected Health Information!

September 29, 2023

Last year private health information of more than 52 million people1 was exposed in approximately 700 breaches! This is significantly higher than the number of people in 2010 – 6 million.

Unfortunately, data breaches have become all too common, with healthcare organizations as the prime targets. These attacks can expose sensitive details about patients – not only their names, addresses and phone numbers, but often their diagnoses and any test results, too.

From a legal standpoint, do you know what to do in the event of a breach involving patients' medical records? If one occurs and compromises the security or privacy of protected health information (PHI), physicians, other health professionals and their business associates must adhere to federal and state reporting requirements. 

Learn more with ISMS' medical legal guideline, HIPAA Breach Notification Requirements. This resource covers how to determine whether you've had a breach, the requirements for notification and how to prevent unauthorized access of PHI going forward.

If you have questions about this resource, please contact the ISMS Legal Division by email.

1One person could be counted multiple times if exposed in multiple breaches.
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