MSS Council Representatives

Student members of the ISMS have a unique opportunity to actively participate in the deliberations and activities that influence policy impacting the medical profession.

The Illinois State Medical Society encourages student members to serve on each of its key councils. Students serving on these councils are considered regular members, with considerable input into policy and program deliberations and full voting rights. MSS Council Representatives are recommended by the MSS Executive Committee and appointed by the ISMS Board Chair.

ISMS councils and committees are constituted each year in June, and applications for MSS Council Representatives are typically due in mid-May. For more information, please contact ISMS MSS staff at

Descriptions of ISMS Councils

2021-22 Representatives to ISMS Councils/Committees

Ad Hoc Women's Committee

Raziye (Rana) Senlik

Committee on CME Activities

Kody Jones

Council on Communications & Member Advocacy

Joseph Singer

Council on Economics

Meilynn Shi

Council on Ed. & Health Workforce

Divya Meher Surabhi

Council on Medical Service

Agnieszka Mynarska

Council on Governmental Affairs

Emilee Gibson

Medical Legal Council

Amin Alayleh

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