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The Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) is excited to announce its new ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services, a partnership established between the ISMS and 3WON that simplifies and automates the credentialing process for ISMS members.

Credentialing and enrollment is a necessary process to ensure medical professionals are qualified and able to provide the highest quality of care to patients. For many practices and hospitals, the credentialing and enrollment process is time-intensive, expensive, and burdensome due to inefficient and disruptive redundancies.

One of the primary challenges of traditional credentialing and enrollment is compliance due to time-consuming and repetitive requests for the same information from a variety of sources. ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services streamlines the collection and management of data through a single form, which is mapped and auto-populated to any internal form used by the hospital/practice.

ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services centralizes the core elements of a physician’s file while simultaneously supporting an individual hospital’s specific criteria for privileging and enrollment. The end result is increased compliance and satisfaction among physicians, reduced hospital and/or practice risk, and accurate provider directories — all while decreasing the cost and staff time dedicated to the credentialing process.

ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services provides significant value by:

  • Providing a centralized repository of authenticated medical professional credentialing and demographic profile data;
  • Alleviating the administrative burden; and
  • Keeping information current through ongoing monitoring of practitioner data at no additional charge.

Two of the most common questions asked are:

How is ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services different from other software vendors and CVOs?

ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services has uniquely combined multiple elements in the credentialing and enrollment process. Our online SmartForm is filled out only once, and we work with the practitioner or their proxy throughout the year to maintain the data, using database updates, email reminders and short questionnaires to verify any demographic data changes. This provides the most accurate, verified data possible and significantly reduces re-credentialing time and effort. We obtain and track information that most systems do not, such as immunizations, conflict of interest and CME credits, and notify physicians of impending changes and issues, which helps them to better monitor their careers and reduces a hospital’s negligent credentialing risk.

How would ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services’ ProStat credentialing tool integrate into my existing applications?

Because of our SaaS-based architecture, ProStat implementations do not involve a costly IT integration with your critical internal hardware and software systems. We have the capability to rapidly connect with other software and reporting applications and capabilities you may have.

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