Group Pricing Options

A Tiered Pricing Structure

All physician members practicing in a group are entitled to a discount of ISMS membership dues based on the size of the group. These discounts are applied on a flat-rate, tiered basis dependent upon the number of physicians in the group overall.

Who Can Join

  •  Economically Integrated Groups
  •  Hospital Medical Staffs
  •  Medical School Faculty
  •  Independent Practice Associations
  •  Medical Specialty Societies

What's Your Group's Tier

Individual Membership in ISMS is $570  
Group Size Volume Discount
2-9 physicians 10% per physician ($513 for each group member)
10-15 physicians $5,000
16-25 physicians $7,750
26-50 physicians $12,500
51-99 physicians  $24,000
100-199 physicians  $42,000
200-299 physicians  $75,000
300-499 physicians  $90,000
500-750 physicians  $120,000
751-999 physicians  $160,000
1,000-2,499 physicians  $200,000
2,500-5,000 physicians  $350,000
5,001+ physicians  $475,000

Benefits of Tiered Pricing + A Discount Option

  •  Add or remove physicians throughout the year without a change in price until the following membership year. Price changes assume you dropped below or exceeded your current tier.
  •  Significant discounts compared to the cost of individual membership.
  •  If selected, “Continuous Membership”, provides your group an additional 5% discount off your total membership dues. And your group membership dues will be collected automatically on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.

What You Need to Know

  •  "Group members” are those physicians practicing within a group eligible for and receiving a reduction in dues, as determined by the Board of Trustees.
  •  Discount is based on the size of the group/entity, in a tiered format, with the discount offered as a flat rate for each group size. In order to qualify for the tiered pricing for group membership, 100% participation of the physicians within the group or entity must be met.
  •  The discounts cover all individuals within the group and all categories of membership. As such, no other ISMS discounts are applied (e.g. part-time or first four years in practice).
  •  Any individual member can have only one group/entity discount applied. For example, someone who is both a member of a participating group and a member of a participating medical staff would be provided only one discount.
  •  To process a group’s membership, certain information will be required. This information will be used to distribute important member benefit information. All information provided is confidential, and members can opt-out of receiving communications at any time. Required information should be supplied in an excel document and include:
  • Physician First and Last Name
  • Preferred email address
  • Preferred mailing address
  • License number
  • Date-of-birth
  • Specialty

Let's Work Together

Send us a request for more information and our experienced staff will contact you to learn about your needs and discuss how an ISMS group membership will benefit you.

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