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Staff Directory

ISMS Headquarters
20 North Michigan Ave., Ste 700
Chicago, IL 60602
Telephone: 312-782-1654 or 800-782-4767

Springfield Office
600 South Second Street, Ste 200
Springfield, IL 62704
Telephone: 217-528-5609 or 800-782-4767

Name (click to email) Title Phone
Anderson-Miller, Julia Director, Design Services 312-580-6467
Bosie, Lou Senior Director, Sprg. Reg. Office 217-757-3003
Clement, Karen Manager, Board & Annual Meeting Services 312-580-2423
Darwish, Nadia Senior Director, Web Services 312-580-2473
DeVito, Sherri Associate Corporate Counsel 312-580-6485
Dyer, John-Michael Marketing and Outreach Specialist 312-580-6472
Eupierre, Jean Paul Communications Specialist 312-853-1661
Gulley, Rebecca Secretary 217-757-3004
Hebeisen, Jean Dir Education, Accreditation and Education & Licensure 312-580-2463
Hohl, Dan Director, State Legislative Affairs 217-757-3008
Ingmire, Jann Director, Communications 312-580-6450
Iwanski, John VP, Marketing & Outreach 312-580-2416
Johnson, Faithee  Director, Executive Offices 312-853-1618
Johnson, Kris Director of Membership Services 312-580-6441
Josephs, Lindsey Marketing & Outreach Manager 312-580-6493
Kane, Robert Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer 217-757-3002
Koos, Cheryl L. VP, Membership 312-580-2493
Kwasneski, Ross Political Affairs Associate 312-580-6443
Lerner, Alexander R. Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President 312-580-2412
Maes, Steve VP, Information Systems 312-580-2488
Maszinski, John Chief Administrative Officer
Modert, Sandra Membership Services Representative 312-853-1682
Nelson, Suzanne W. COO 312-580-2443
Neufeld, Teresa VP, Management Services 312-580-2401
O'Brien, Erin Senior VP, State Legislative Affairs 312-580-6488
Porter, David Senior VP, Health Policy Research & Advocacy 312-580-2468
Reimers, Scott  AVP, State Legislative Affairs  217-757-3017
Rotert, Evan Director, Administration, Planning and President/Officers’ Outreach 312-580-6497
Ryan, Kenneth E. VP, Member Advocacy 312-580-2491
Schneider, Jeanette Governmental Affairs Assistant 217-757-3006
Spaw, Jenna Marketing & Outreach Associate 312-580-6449
Spelde, Christine Website Associate 312-853-1649
Stormont, Linda Assistant Editor 312-853-6528
Valinoti, Lila AVP, Health Policy & Education 
Vazquez, Stephanie   Communications Coordinator  312-853-1678
Wichmann, David A. CFO/VP Finance 312-580-2456
Young, Sarah Senior Director of Meeting and Event Planning 312-853-1603

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