Electronic Application for Disability Parking Placard Renewals

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The Illinois Secretary of State’s office now offers an electronic application process for all disability parking placard renewals. Physicians and other health care professionals who help patients with their disability parking placards should familiarize themselves with the new process in order to minimize hassles for themselves and their patients.

Paper applications will still be accepted, but submitting a paper application may lengthen the amount of time it takes for the Secretary of State's office to mail the new placard to the patient relative to the new electronic process.

The Secretary of State's office has provided instructions and FAQ’s to help you and your patients navigate the electronic application process:


  • For any problems submitting the electronic application, please call the Secretary of State’s Office at 217-782-2258.
  • Anyone with questions about the process may call the Disabled Parking Program at 217-782-2885.

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