Online Option Now Available for Renewing Disability Parking Placards

Avoid fines, suspension of driving privileges!

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office now offers an electronic option for renewing disability parking placards. Paper applications will still be accepted, but it may take longer for the patient to receive the placard compared to the electronic process.

Are you familiar with the 2014 law that changed eligibility criteria for patients seeking placards? One of the most notable changes is that a person with a disability will no longer automatically qualify for "meter-exempt" parking placards.

Physicians must still certify as to what disability qualifies the patient for a parking placard. But since 2014, physicians must also determine whether the patient meets the specific requirements for a meter-exempt parking placard.

Be sure to conduct a careful review of the eligibility criteria outlined in the regulations before certifying patients for any of the disability parking placards. Physicians who falsely certify an application for any person who does not meet the disability criteria face penalties, including suspension of driving privileges and fines up to $1,000.

Which Parking Placards is Right for Your Patient?

  • "Meter-Exempt" Permanent Placards (yellow and gray striped): Individuals with permanent disabilities that prevent them from physically accessing parking meters are exempt from having to feed the meters.
  • Permanent Placards (blue): Individuals who have permanent disabilities that do not affect their ability to reach a paybox and insert payment are not eligible for free metered parking and must feed the meters.
  • Temporary Placards (red): Individuals must pay meters.
  • Organization Placards (green): Designed for organizations that transport persons with disabilities; authorized holders must pay the meters.

For any problems submitting the electronic application, please call the Secretary of State’s Office at 217-782-2258.

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