FAQ's for Medical Professionals

The Secretary of State’s Office has developed a new electronic application process to help medical professionals and their patients renew their disabled parking placards, which will be expiring throughout 2018. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and a phone number you may call with questions about the process.

For step-by-step instructions on renewing a patient’s disability parking placard, please visit our instructions page.

How do I sign on to use the electronic application program?

Medical professionals who are statutorily qualified to certify a disability can sign onto the electronic process by typing in their Illinois professional license number, their last name and the last four digits of their social security number.

The medical professional can then type in the requested information to pull up their patient’s record in the Secretary of State’s system and put in the requested medical information on their patient’s disability.  They must read and electronically sign the attestation at the end of the application and then electronically submit to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The medical professional will get an electronic confirmation from the Secretary of State’s Office that can be printed and put in the patient’s file or given to the patient.

Can my staff fill out the electronic application process on my behalf or on behalf of the patient?

Illinois law allows Advanced Practical Nurses and Physician’s Assistants to fill out the medical information regarding a patient.  They would sign in to the electronic application program using their own license number, name and social security number.  However, the supervising physician would still have to electronically sign the application before it could be submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office for processing.

What are the benefits of using the electronic application process?

Medical professionals will not have to keep track of the paper application provided by their patient during the renewal process.  Once the electronic application is completed and electronically submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office, no more work is required. 

The electronic process also allows applicants and medical professionals to check the status of their renewal application once the application has been submitted by the medical professional.

How secure is my personal information if I use the electronic process?

The system is very secure.  When a medical professional electronically signs in to insert the patient’s medical information, he/she uses their medical license number, their last name and the last four digits of their social security number.  This information is instantly confirmed with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) before the medical professional can proceed with the application.

If the medical professional is not licensed within the State of Illinois or his/her license is not in good standing with IDFPR, the application process will not move forward.

Why do I have to supply the last four digits of my social security number when I sign in to the electronic application?

A medical professional’s state license number and name is public information and can be obtained by anyone through the IDFPR web site. The social security number is something that is not public information and would be known only to the holder.  By providing these three pieces of information, the Secretary of State’s Office is ensured that identity theft has not occurred.

Can I still use the old written application process?

Yes. The written application process is still in place and can be used by any applicant and medical professional renewing a parking placard.  The applicant will receive the renewal information in the mail, make an appointment with their medical professional and he/she will provide the needed medical information to obtain a new parking placard.  The application can then be mailed by either the applicant or the medical professional to the Secretary of State’s office.

Is the electronic application process open for any patient needed a disability parking placard?

At this time, the electronic process is only available to those individuals who are renewing their blue (permanent) or yellow/grey (permanent and meter exempt) placard.  Persons with red (temporary) placards, patients requesting a placard for the first time or patients with a disabled child will have to utilize the paper application process.  We hope to have the electronic program open to placard holders sometime in the future. 

I currently have a patient that has a blue (permanent) disability placard but their diagnosis now qualifies them for a yellow/grey (permanent and meter exempt) parking placard.  Can I use the electronic process to renew?

No. An applicant moving from one category of placard to another is considered a new applicant and must utilize the paper application process. 

What number can I call with any questions about the placard renewal process?

Anyone with questions about the process may call the Disabled Parking Program at 217-782-2885.

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