Disability Placard Certification

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Meter-exempt parking is limited to those individuals who are physically unable to pay the meter. Patients with a permanent disability who qualify under the new criteria will receive a parking placard that will allow them to park free of charge. Any patient who does not meet the new stringent criteria will still receive a parking placard; however, it will not allow them to park for free.

Application for an Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card The information in the new application mirrors current requirements.

Persons with Disabilities Certification for Parking Placard/License Plates form - 2013

Strict Requirements for Doctors

Physicians still need to fill out Part 2 of the application, as they have done in the past, outlining the type of disability the patient has.

After filling out Part 2, the physician must determine whether the patient meets the new specific disability requirements as outlined in Part 4 of the application, which allows the patient to receive a metered-exempt parking placard. Then, the doctor will need to indicate the nature of the disability and certify a second time with his or her signature.

In addition to the changes in the disabled parking program, there have also been changes to the penalties for falsifying information on the placard. These more severe penalties apply to the applicant as well as the physician. They include a suspension of driving privileges and possible fines for both the applicant and physician.

A poster is available for display in your office. The Secretary of State has developed this poster to help deter applicants attempting to apply pressure to physicians for a placard.

Visit the Secretary of State’s “Persons with Disabilities” page for future updates.



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