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Membership Application and Qualification Questions
Members abide by the ISMS Code of Medical Ethics and the bylaws of the Society.  To assist us in upholding these standards, please provide answers to the following questions:
* 1.  Have you ever been convicted of a fraud or felony?
* 2.  Has any action, in any jurisdiction, ever been taken regarding your license to practice medicine? This includes actions involving revocation, suspension, limitation, probation, or any imposed sanctions or conditions.
* 3. Have you ever been the subject of any disciplinary action by any medical society or hospital medical staff?
Amount Information
You will be sent confirmation of your application approval indicating the total amount charged to your credit card. If you are a practicing physician, please use the following guide as an approximation of your total dues amount or phone (800) 782-ISMS ext. 1682 for your specific total.

Resident physicians and students are provided significant cost savings. There are also significant discounts ranging from 20 - 80% off regular dues for physicians in their first four years of practice. Please contact ISMS or your county medical society directly.
Help Us Say Thank You:
If you are joining ISMS at the suggestion of a current ISMS member, we would appreciate the opportunity to say thank you. Please indicate the ISMS member that referred you: 
By Completing and Submitting this Application:
I am aware that information submitted in this application will be verified.  I hereby authorize other organizations having information relating to this application, including governmental and regulatory entities, to release any and all such information.

I  understand that any false or misleading statement made on my application may be grounds for denial of membership or probation or censure by, or suspension or expulsion from the medical society(ies).

The foregoing information is true and complete.
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If you have any questions or need assistance, please e-mail your name and address to membership@isms.org or call 1-312-782-1654.

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