Bills Recently Signed into Law Champion Patients and Physicians

September 3, 2021

Your ISMS governmental affairs team overcame enormous challenges to score significant wins in Springfield this year! Here are a few ISMS-supported bills that were recently signed into law:

Mental Health Parity: House Bill 2595, now law, will address inequities in how health plans cover mental healthcare. The legislation establishes clear definitions and standards for when mental health services and treatment qualify as medically necessary, and it requires insurers to cover these services, including substance use disorder care. 

Preventing Youth Vaping: Senate Bill 512, recently signed into law, 1.) will make it illegal to sell or distribute electronic cigarettes to anyone that contain certain harmful chemicals or additives and 2.) adds important enforcement mechanisms to this new Act, as well as to the “Prevention of Tobacco Use by Persons Under 21 Years of Age and Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products Act.” The legislation also targets the flavored additives and marketing practices that can make these products more attractive to kids. 

Prior Authorization Reform Act: As we recently reported, the governor signed ISMS’ top legislative priority, House Bill 711, into law! Starting Jan. 1, 2022, many of the bureaucratic hassles of the prior authorization process should be significantly reduced when this legislation takes effect in Illinois. The Prior Authorization Reform Act, which applies to state-regulated insurance plans, will also significantly reduce delays for patient care. 

To learn more, check out ISMS’ five-part series – Unpacking Prior Authorization Reform:

Part 1: Transparency

Part 2: Timelines

Part 3: Adverse Determinations

Part 4: Duration of a Prior Authorization Approval

Part 5: Accountability

If you have questions, please contact ISMS Senior Vice President of State Legislative Affairs Erin O’Brien by email

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