ISMS’ New White Paper Takes on Violence and Aggression in Healthcare Settings

February 10, 2023

Exposure to violence and aggression in the workplace is among the most distressing incidents affecting healthcare workers today.

Physicians and their support teams in the healthcare setting are at increased risk of physical and psychological harm while carrying out their responsibilities, while also becoming distracted from focusing on patient care. Not to mention creating another tension point for already high workday stress levels.

Specific violence prevention and response strategies need to be customized to meet the needs of individual offices or facilities. All workplaces must create and sustain a culture that prioritizes the safety and support of its physicians, other healthcare professionals and their staff, and shield them from disrespectful, threatening and dangerous behavior from the general public.

ISMS’ white paper, Violence and Aggression Against Physicians and Healthcare Workers, focuses on numerous areas, including risk factors, prevention strategies and zero tolerance policies to name a few
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