ISMS Seeks Members’ Feedback Pertaining to Provider Directories

March 3, 2023

Do you or your practice routinely hear from new patients that you are listed in a provider directory as “in-network” when in fact you don’t take that insurance? If so, we need to hear from you. When continuing to list you as “in-network,” health insurers are violating the Network Adequacy and Transparency Act. No process is in place to report this abusive practice to regulators, so ISMS is seeking to collect information about specific insurers who aren’t meeting their obligations to maintain accurate provider directories.

ISMS is asking physicians and medical practices to inform us about any errors they identify in health plan provider directories.

To convey your information, please email ISMS Senior Vice President of State Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien.

Please include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your specialty
  3. Medical group (or indicate if you are replying as an individual)
  4. Health plan provider directory issue identified as inaccurate
  5. Insurance company associated with the provider directory
  6. Any other pertinent information related to the inaccuracy

This physician data will help ISMS advocate for more accountability from health insurance companies to keep directories accurate and current. Further, we will encourage development of an effective process that would make it easier for doctors to have their information corrected when they become aware of inaccurate information in a provider directory.

Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. O’Brien by email.
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