State Lawmakers Pass Bills Related to Reproductive Care, Assault Weapons

January 13, 2023

Earlier this week, as Springfield’s “lame duck” legislative session drew to a close, two high profile bills cleared Illinois’ General Assembly:

Reproductive healthcare: House Bill 4664 would protect legal and practical access to abortion care in Illinois, as well patients traveling from states where abortion access is illegal or restricted. In addition, the bill would also protect the licenses of healthcare professionals who are penalized for providing care that is illegal in another state but legal in Illinois.

Assault weapons: House Bill 5471 bans the sale of assault weapons, along with other new firearm regulations. Governor Pritzker has already signed the bill into law.

This week also marked the start of the new 2023 Legislative Spring Session!

Do you know who represents you in Springfield? More important, do you know how to get their attention when a critical issue that could affect your practice is being debated?

To help you advocate effectively for your profession, ISMS has developed a practical resource for members. The Legislative Advocacy: An Illinois Physician’s How-To Guide will help you get in touch and build relationships with your legislators so that you can advocate on the issues that matter to you.

Questions? Please contact ISMS Senior Vice President of State Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien by email.
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