DEA Registration Now Requires Physicians to Take Training on Substance Use Disorder

December 4, 2023

Effective June 27, 2023, the U.S. Congress enacted changes to the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration.

The new law requires a one-time 8 hours of training for all DEA-registered healthcare professionals on the treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders. If you are currently registered, you must complete this training prior to renewing your registration.

Take a moment to check your registration status and renewal date to ensure you can comply.

ISMS offers several courses that count for 1 hour each that may be applied to the 8-hour training requirement. ISMS members can access these courses at no cost.  All others must pay a fee.

  1. Treating Chronic Pain without Opioids
  2. A Guide to New Opioid Prescribing Rules: An Update from the IDFPR
  3. E-prescribing: An Important Part of Medication Safety
  4. Opioids: Best Practices, Overdose Risk Factors, and Naloxone Co-Prescribing
  5. Illinois Response to the Opioid Crisis: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
  6. Harm Prevention and Harm Reduction in Opioid Safety
  7. Having the Talk: Approaching Patients About Opioid Risks and Naloxone
  8. Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder: A Gold Standard Treatment That Any DEA-Registered Provider Can Prescribe
  9. An Introduction to Addiction Medicine
  10. Pharmacotherapy for Substance Use Disorders

View the DEA’s Q&A to learn more.

Questions? Please contact the ISMS Health Policy Research and Advocacy team by email.

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