Medicare’s Automatic Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances Policy Will Apply to MIPS for 2021

December 3, 2021

Due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will apply the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) automatic extreme and uncontrollable circumstances (EUC) policy to all individual MIPS physicians for the 2021 performance year.

If you participate in MIPS as an individual, you do not need to take any action to have the automatic EUC policy applied to you. All four MIPS performance categories will automatically be reweighted to 0% and you will receive a neutral payment adjustment for the 2023 MIPS payment year unless you:

  1. Submit data in two or more performance categories; or
  2. Have a higher final score from group or Alternative Payment Model (APM) participation.

The automatic EUC policy does not apply to groups or virtual groups, and does not apply to those who have chosen to participate in the APM entity.

Essentially, if the physician has not submitted any 2021 MIPS performance data, then the automatic EUC will apply.

For more detailed information, please visit the Quality Payment Program COVID-19 Response webpage.

You can also access the 2021 MIPS Automatic EUC Fact Sheet (click on “You are being redirected” at the top of the screen to download the PDF).

If you have questions, call the QPP Service Desk at 866-288-8292 or send an email.

The ISMS Health Policy Research and Advocacy team is also available by email to address your questions.

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