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Welcome to the ISMS Mentor Center

Whether you are a medical student looking for a mentor to provide feedback and guidance to help your professional development, a retired physician who wants to give back to the medical community, or are currently at the height of your career, the Mentor Center is the perfect resource for you to develop meaningful, professional relationships.

The Mentor Center, ISMS’ new online community platform, helps you form mentor-mentee relationships with member physicians, medical students, residents, and fellows throughout Illinois. You can search by area of interest and/or location in order to connect with your member colleagues who share similar interests.

ISMS understands that physicians are under a great deal of stress and have limited time for additional commitments. The best part about the Mentor Center is that you control the amount of time you spend developing these relationships in order to maintain the work/life balance that best suits you.

ISMS members are able to serve as both a mentor and/or a mentee by creating a profile for each role while using a single log-in. 

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Please contact memberbenefits@isms.org with any questions you may have.

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