Legislative Priorities

The ISMS Legislative Action Hub tracks legislative issues important to the physician community and keeps physicians informed about the latest events in Springfield.

Access to the political and legislative process begins here.

ISMS has earned the respect of local and national politicians by building relationships on both sides of the aisle to improve healthcare in Illinois. Through ISMS, members participate directly in bringing the views of the medical community to policymakers.

ISMS’ 2024 legislative priorities are listed below. Click the boxes at the bottom of the page to explore more about ISMS’ work in Springfield.

2024 Legislative Priorities

As a physician-led organization, our members (you) influence the positions ISMS takes on legislation. Our team of lobbyists and experienced staff advocate for you in Springfield, but nothing is more powerful in the eyes of legislators than you communicating your experiences as a member of ISMS. This is how ISMS is advocating on your behalf this year:

  • Working with insurance companies to increase patient access to care
  • Rejecting proposed legislative and regulatory mandates
  • Expanding access to care, including to specialists, for patients with Medicaid – medical reimbursement increases are critical to accomplish this goal
  • Developing, supporting and promoting programs to make Illinois a desirable location to practice medicine
  • Preserving the role of physicians as leaders of the healthcare team
  • Opposing ANY new mandates for physicians
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View the Status of Key Bills Tracked by ISMS

Green bill numbers indicate this is something ISMS supports. A red bill number is something we oppose.

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