Advertising Rates

ISMS Physician Advocate advertising deadline is the 20th of each month.


50 Words or Less - Complimentary
51-100 Words - Complimentary


50 Words or Less - $125
51-100 Words - $250

Send classified advertisement copy with payment by check or money order to ISMS Physician Advocate, 20 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 700, Chicago, Illinois 60602. To pay by credit card, please call us at 1-800-782-4767 ext. 1678. All ads and correct payment must be received by deadline; ads will not be processed without payment. Minimal changes to existing ads will be accommodated without charge at the discretion of the publisher. No refunds will be given for cancelled ads.

General categories for classified advertising are: Positions and practices; for sale, lease or rent; miscellaneous. Reasonable accommodations for other appropriate categories will be considered.

Although ISMS believes the classified ads contained in these columns to be from reputable sources, the Society does not investigate the offers made and assumes no liability concerning them. The Society reserves the right to decline, withdraw or modify ads at its discretion. Ads will be edited to conform to ISMS Physician Advocate style.

Advertising Guidelines

The official publication of the Illinois State Medical Society is ISMS Physician Advocate.

All advertising is subject to review by the Illinois State Medical Society. The Illinois State Medical Society reserves the right to decline, withdraw or modify advertisements at its discretion. While decisions will be made on an individual basis, the following general guidelines will apply:

  • The Illinois State Medical Society seeks to promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of public health. Advertising inconsistent with these goals or with medical ethics will not be accepted. The Society may decline any advertising as inconsistent with its purposes, inimical to the interests of the membership or inappropriate for ISMS Physician Advocate.
  • Classified advertisements for employment may not contain discriminatory statements, such as those relating to race, creed, color, age, religion, sex, ethnic origin, national origin or country of training.
  • Products subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration must be approved for marketing in the United States, and their advertising must meet FDA requirements.
  • Those wishing to be identified in advertising copy who are either licensed under the Medical Practice Act or advertising a position opportunity must use legal names with initials indicating class of licensure. The generic terms "Doctor" or "Dr." are not acceptable.
  • Classified advertising should be clearly district from editorial content. The word "advertisement" may be required.
  • Collateral advertising may not make reference to appearance in ISMS Physician Advocate.  Acceptance of advertising is neither an endorsement of the product nor a guarantee of the claims made.
  • Advertisers are responsible for the content of their materials. Advertisers agree to defend, protect and indemnify the Society against any claim, loss or expense arising from actions for libel, infringement of trademarks or patents, violation of rights or privacy of other claims.
  • New advertisers will be asked to provide background information about their company and/or product, as well as references. Advertisers should allow at least one week for copy clearance prior to advertisement closing deadline. If review cannot be completed prior to the desired insertion date, the advertiser or agency will be so informed.
  • Classified advertisements are included in ISMS Physician Advocate as a service to members of the Illinois State Medical Society.
  • Classified advertisements are limited to 50 words per insertion. Any advertisement exceeding 50 words will be charged an additional insertion fee. (See current advertising rates.) No advertisement shall exceed 100 words.
  • No display advertisements will be accepted.

ISMS reserves the right to make changes in these guidelines without notice.


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