Poster Contest

Poster Contest

We are excited to announce that the 2023 ISMS Annual Meeting will again feature a poster contest! The session will be held on Saturday, April 22nd from 3pm-5pm, virtually via Zoom. All medical student, resident and fellow ISMS members are invited to submit an abstract for consideration. Up to 15 abstracts will be accepted for presentation during the ISMS Annual Meeting, April 22-23, 2023.

The winning poster, as well as the runner-up, will be awarded with a Visa gift card.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your research before Illinois' leading physicians!

Submit Your Abstract

Deadline to Submit:

The deadline to submit your 250-word abstract is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 24, 2023. All accepted authors will be notified on March 7, 2023, and will be given further instructions on submitting their posters. They will also have the opportunity to engage in live Q&A with judges and other ISMS members during a live poster session, with the winner and runner-up being announced during the Business Session of the ISMS Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 23, 2023.


This year we are once again inviting submissions on any topic, from basic science and clinical research to public health issues and case studies.


The poster contest is only open to current medical students, residents and fellows who are members of the Illinois State Medical Society.

General Guidelines

The poster should convey your key findings and be visually appealing. Posters must include the following:

  • Clear and concise title describing the content of the poster, including the author(s), including name(s) and affiliation(s).
  • An abstract up to 250-words that will summarize the main findings or message of the research.
  • Clear objectives of the research or work presented in the poster.
  • Materials and methods addressing the research work in a concise and informative way.
  • Results and discussions including figures and tables.
  • Conclusions that summarize the main findings of the research and its impact.

Project goals/objectives, methodology, results/findings, future work and other discussion should be presented in terms that can be understood by a technical and clinical audience. We encourage the use of tables, photographs, diagrams, charts, and other graphics to help convey important information.

Please email with any questions.

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