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Every year the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) fights to block legislation that would inappropriately expand the scope of practice for allied health professionals. ISMS believes our patients deserve care delivered by a team approach. While non-physician health professionals are essential members of patient care delivery, physicians surpass non-physicians in years of education and clinical training that are required to make comprehensive medical decisions regarding patient care. ISMS will continue to protect patient care from those who seek to obtain through legislation what they have not earned through education and training.

ISMS continually pushes back on the legislative initiatives to break up the patient centered team approach introduced by advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, certified registered nurse anesthetists, psychologists, optometrists, naturopaths, podiatric physicians, any many more.

For more detail, please check our end of session legislative reports.

Currently Tracked Bills

ISMS Opposes

ISMS is tracking the following bills related to the scope of practice expansion for non-physician health professionals, including but not limited to:

Physician Assistants: SB 218 and HB 2306 (Sponsors: Sen. Ann Gillespie, Rep. Lakesia Collins) - Senate Bill 218 and House Bill 2306 as introduced would have granted physician assistants (PAs) independent practice. ISMS successively amended the bill to change the manner in which advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and PAs are supervised in Federally Qualified Health Centers. These changes (specific to a federally qualified health center) include exemption from specified collaborative ratio restriction requirements and provisions that authorize certain PAs to deliver services without a written collaborative agreement and to prescribe certain controlled substances  Senate Bill 218, as amended, passed both the Senate and the House and awaits action by the governor.

Limits Regulation of EMS Personnel: HB 1595 (Sponsor: Rep. Ann Williams) - House Bill 1595 removes the ability of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to act on an individual’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) license in the case of a significant event in which an individual does not fulfill requirements of licensure, fails to maintain proficiency in skills for level of licensure, engaged in unethical or dishonorable practices, or presents a harm to the public through violation of standards of care. The provisions in this bill threaten the safety of patients by limiting the ability of IDPH to take licensure action in the rare instances that a healthcare professional poses a danger to the public. House Bill 1595 was amended and passed both chambers.

Independent Practice for Certified Registered Nurse Collaborative AgreementHB 2895 (Sponsor: Rep. Anna Moeller) - House Bill 2895 would remove the requirement that Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) practice under a written anesthesia plan, as well as removing the requirement that a physician be  present when CRNAs deliver care. ISMS opposed this legislation and the bill remains in the House.

Naturopathic Medical Practice: HB 3721 (Sponsor: Rep. Terra Costa Howard) - House Bill 3721 creates licensure for naturopathic physicians and would allow them to provide medical care to patients at the same capacity as medical doctors. ISMS opposes the bill,  which remains in the House.

Expanding Prescriptive Authority for Prescribing Psychologists: SB 1586 (Sponsor: Sen. Bill Cunningham) - Senate Bill 1586 would expand the prescriptive authority of prescribing psychologists by allowing them to prescribe medications to patients under 17 years of age or over 65 years of age. ISMS opposed the bill, which remains in the Senate Assignments Committee. 

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