Medical Practice

The practice of medicine is ever-evolving as advancements in medical science and technologies continue to expand our knowledge and abilities. Physicians continue to leverage real-world data and clinical trials to provide the effective, efficient, and informed care to their patients, and ISMS is here to support these efforts.

To see ISMS’ specific work on more medical practice issues, please check out the end legislative report.

Currently Tracked Bills

ISMS Supports

Plans of Safe Care: SB 3136 and HB 5041 (Sponsors: Sen. Cristina Castro, Rep. Mary Beth Canty) - Plans of safe care include medical treatment, recovery services, and referrals to community agencies/resources for the identified infant and caregivers. These plans are designed to improve infant and maternal health outcomes.  It creates a statewide multidisciplinary task force to design a model for family recovery plans for substance-exposed infants. This bill increases the opportunities for preservation of the family and is an important step forward in addressing maternal and infant mortality in Illinois.  SB 3136 has passed the Senate and moves to the House.  HB 5041 remains in House Committee.

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