Medical Practice

The practice of medicine is ever-evolving as advancements in medical science and technologies continue to expand our knowledge and abilities. Physicians continue to leverage real-world data and clinical trials to provide the effective, efficient, and informed care to their patients, and ISMS is here to support these efforts.

To see ISMS’ specific work on more medical practice issues, please check out the end legislative report.

Currently Tracked Bills

ISMS Supports

Appropriate Pain Treatment Policy: HB 2046 (Sponsor: Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy) - House Bill 2046 provides that all decisions regarding the treatment of patients experiencing pain, including chronic pain, are to be made by the patient’s medical prescriber. It also requires that ordering, prescribing or paying for controlled substances, including opioids, must not in any way be predetermined by specific morphine milligram equivalent guidelines. The bill ensures that those suffering from chronic pain have appropriate care. The Illinois Department of Health and Family Services, and the Illinois Department of Human Services are strongly opposed to the bill. House Bill 2046 is currently being held in the House.

Exceptions to the Electronic Prescribing Mandate: SB 1414 (Sponsor: Sen. Linda Holmes) - Senate Bill 1414 would create exceptions to the state’s e-prescribing mandate, which has been delayed until Jan. 1, 2024. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is charged with promulgating rules to establish these exceptions. This bill was introduced in case the Department does not file those rules in a timely manner. Senate Bill 1414 remains in the Senate.

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