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Partners and Affiliates

  •  International Medical Graduate Section

    The International Medical Graduate (IMG) Section provides a direct means for international medical graduates to develop leadership and participate in the activities of ISMS; enhance ISMS outreach, communication, and interchange with IMGs to provide their perspective to ISMS and its House of Delegates; facilitate the development of information and educational activities on topics of interest to IMGs; and recruit and retain members of the Illinois State Medical Society. Membership in the section is restricted to members of the Illinois State Medical Society who are graduates of international medical schools.

      Governing Council:

      Chair Vikram B. Patel, MD
      Vice-Chair/ISMS Delegate  S. Masood Ali, MD
      Secretary/ISMS Alternate Delegate Erlo Roth, MD
      Treasurer Piyush Vyas, MD 

      For information about observership programs for IMGs who have not yet entered a U.S. residency program, click here.

      For inquiries about the IMG Section, call 800/782-4767 or send an email.

      ISMS' Mentor Center
      The Mentor Center, ISMS’ new online community platform, helps you form mentor-mentee relationships with member physicians, medical students, residents, and fellows throughout Illinois.

       ISMS Alliance (ISMSA)

      The Illinois State Medical Society Alliance (ISMSA) is an organization of physicians' spouses. Its purpose is to:

      • Assist the Illinois State Medical Society in its program to improve the quality of life through health education and services in the state of Illinois;
      • Advise and coordinate the activities of component Alliances/Auxiliaries;
      • Encourage the participation of volunteers in activities that meet health needs; and
      • Cultivate friendly relationships and promote mutual understanding among physicians' families.

      The mission of the ISMSA is to enhance the lives and health of the people of the state of Illinois through cooperative programming with the Illinois State Medical Society and Illinois county medical society Alliances/Auxiliaries and to provide opportunities for member growth and development.

      The Board of Directors (officers, directors and county presidents) oversee:

      Each April, delegates from the county alliances gather at the Annual Meeting to conduct ISMSA business, celebrate successes, elect officers and offer leadership training. 

      To join the Alliance, send in the completed membership form and your dues as directed on the form. Then, you can access the Members Only page for the Resource and Board Directories. The Alliance offers networking opportunities, support, friendship and fun!

      ISMS Alliance specialists can answer any questions or concerns. Call the ISMSA at 312-782-1654 or 800-782-4767 or email alliance@isms.org

       ISMS Educational and Scientific Foundation

      The Educational and Scientific Foundation was founded to provide an administrative agency to foster the advancement of clinical science through:

      • The initiation of scientific and medical research activities.
      • The collection, evaluation and dissemination to the public of the results of research activities.
      • The implementation and management of projects related to medicine which seek to inform or educate patients, physicians and others to improve knowledge.

      For inquiries about the ESF, send an email or call 800-782-4767.

       ISMS Political Action Committee (IMPAC)

      IMPAC is a voluntary non-profit, unincorporated, permanent membership organization. IMPAC serves as the unified political action arm of Illinois physicians and their spouses. Funds collected through IMPAC memberships, used solely in support of candidates, are administered independently of other professional groups. However, the program is operated in harmony with the legislative objectives of the Illinois State Medical Society. Individual participation in IMPAC is one means by which the individual physician and his or her spouse can effectively participate in political action.

      IMPAC participates primarily in election contests for legislative offices - both those in the Illinois General Assembly and in the U.S. Congress.

      IMPAC's organization consists of a chairman, an executive committee, and a council. Political action activities are implemented by local physician support committees formed on behalf of candidates in Congressional or other legislative districts. Candidate selection and support are determined on the basis of evaluations and recommendations submitted to the council and executive committee by local committees and individual physicians, thus assuring members of a "grass roots" voice in IMPAC activities.

      For additional information, visit the IMPAC website or send an email.

       Medical Student Section
      The Medical Student Section encourages and supports active participation of medical students in ISMS and provides a representation of student opinions and ideals in organized medicine. In addition, the Medical Student Section supports the purposes of ISMS as stated in its Constitution. The Medical Student Section is composed of all student members of ISMS. ISMS medical student specialists are available to help medical students answer any questions or concerns, view a listing of the current Medical Student Section Governing Council Executive Committee. Phone the Medical Student Section at 312-782-1654 or 800-782-4767 for information or assistance or email mss@isms.org.
       Raymond E Hoffman, MD, Medical Benevolence Fund, Inc.

      The objective of the Benevolence Fund is to aid physicians or their dependents by providing assistance to overcome a temporary period of economic catastrophe.

      The Benevolence Fund bylaws indicate the requirements for financial aid: "This fund is established and shall be used only for the assistance or relief of needy members of ISMS, their widows, or minor children."

      Application/Review Procedure: A standard written application form is completed and submitted to the Benevolence Fund. All information provided is considered strictly confidential and made available only to the members of the ISMS Finance & Medical Benevolence Committee, with the exception of staff who work with the Fund. This staff is also held to the confidentiality standard.

      To request an application or information about the Fund, send an email or call 800-782-4767.

       Resident and Fellow Section
      The Resident and Fellow Section encourages and supports active participation of physicians in training in the Illinois State Medical Society and provides representation of resident opinions and ideas in organized medicine. In addition, the Resident and Fellow Section supports the purposes of the ISMS, as stated in its Constitution. All in-training members of ISMS are members of the Resident and Fellow Section, having the right to vote and hold office. ISMS Resident and Fellow specialists are available to help resident physicians answer any questions or concerns. To review the benefits of membership or a listing of the current Resident and Fellow Section Governing Council Executive Committee, click here. Call the Resident and Fellow Section at 312-782-1654 or 800-782-4767 for information or assistance or email rfs@isms.org.
       Rural Illinois Medical Student Assistance Program (RIMSAP)

      RIMSAP, a program operated jointly with the Illinois Agricultural Association, recommends students for admission to the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Recommended students must consent to practice primary care medicine in an approved rural community for five years. 

      View the report on Best Practices for Recruiting Physicians to Rural Areas

      For additional information, visit the RIMSAP website or send an email.

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