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Governing Council

  • The ISMS MSS Governing Council meets six or seven times annually. Members of the ISMS MSS are invited to attend governing council meetings; for information please contact ISMS MSS staff at 312-782-1654 or mss@isms.org.

    Nominations are now open and being accepted for student members to serve as the 2017-2018 officers on the Illinois State Medical Society Student Section (ISMS MSS) Governing Council.

    Responsibilities of Positions: Here is an overview of the responsibilities of these positions.

    Nominations Eligibility: You may nominate yourself or a fellow student member. All nominators and nominees must be 1) actively enrolled at the school and 2) a current member of both the ISMS Medical Student Section (nominees for student member of the Illinois Delegation to the AMA must also be AMA members). If you are nominating someone else, you must obtain their permission before making the nomination.

    Nomination Materials: The nomination form must be completed and signed by the actual nominee and accompanied by a statement of interest and an abbreviated curriculum vitae. The statement of interest and CV (together) must not exceed two typed pages total; they may include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. An understanding of the position's responsibilities.
    2. A vision for the Medical Student Section's upcoming year.
    3. Relevant personal experience which would enhance your candidacy for the position.
    4. The abbreviated CV should indicate previous leadership positions.

    If the statement of interest and CV exceeds two pages, ISMS MSS reserves the right to choose which two pages will be reproduced for distribution. All statements of interest will be duplicated exactly as submitted and distributed with each ballot.

    Nomination Deadline: All nomination forms and accompanying materials must be received at the Illinois State Medical Society Medical Student Section by the close of business on Friday, March 3, 2017. They should be emailed to the attention of lindseykrassel@isms.org. A confirmation of receipt will be provided back to the nominee.

    Balloting: All eligible nominees who have submitted their nominations and accompanying materials by  Friday, March 3, 2017, will be included on ballots which will then be distributed to current (2016-2017) school delegates. Elections will be held at the next meeting of the Medical Student Section Governing Council on March 25, 2017.

    If you have any questions, please call Lindsey Krassel, ISMS staff at 312-580-6493 or email lindseykrassel@isms.org.

  • The Medical Student section provides representation of student opinions and ideas in organized medicine.

    Ajeet Singh

    Ian Magruder

    Vice Chair/Treasurer 
    Arden Plumb

    Rahul Bhansali

    Delegate to the ISMS HOD
    Fatima Elahi

    Alternate Delegate to the ISMS HOD 
    Michael Vu

    Student Trustee ISMS BOT- Elect (Ex-Officio)
    Ian Magruder

    Alternate Delegate to the Illinois AMA Delegation (Ex-Officio) 
    Muhammad T. Padela

    School Representatives

    CCOM Midwestern
    Fatima Elahi, Delegate
    Madyson Riddell, Alternate

    Blake Murphy, Delegate
    Arielle Cohen, Alternate

    Northwestern University
    Farhad Ghamsari, Delegate
    TBD, Alternate

    Rosalind Franklin
    John Schwab, Delegate
    Tariq J. Ahmed, Alternate

    Isolina Rossi, Delegate
    Jennifer Lequieu, Alternate

    Southern Illinois University, Springfield
    Taylor Tabatabai, Delegate
    Jacob Lanter, Alternate

    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
    TBD, Delegate
    TBD, Alternate

    University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine
    TBD, Delegate
    TBD, Alternate

    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Arden Plumb, Delegate
    Joshua Muniz, Alternate 

    University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana
    TBD, Delegate
    TBD, Alternate

    University of Illinois, Peoria
    Ian Magruder, Delegate
    TBD, Alternate

    University of Illinois, Rockford 
    Robert Freidel, Delegate
    Nadia Froehling, Alternate

    2017-18 Representatives to ISMS Councils/Committees

    Council on Communications 
    Meinkeng Stephanie Acha-Morfaw

    Council on Economics
    Nicholas Lanzotti

    Council on Education and Health Workforce 
    Jim Leng

    Governmental Affairs Council 
    Shruti Patel

    Medical Legal Council 
    Shahzaib Khan

    Council on Medical Service 
    Farhad Ghamsari

    Council on Membership and Advocacy
    Blake Murphy   

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