Physicians Can Receive Remuneration from Unfair Workers’ Compensation Insurer Practices

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Good news! Illinois physicians have successfully sued to receive the interest they are owed on delayed reimbursements for care provided to injured workers. 

For decades, workers’ compensation insurers have been using “cost saving strategies” on the backs of doctors by routinely holding back reimbursement for medical care for months – even years! This abuse of the workers’ comp system has placed an extreme burden on medical practices. ISMS has been actively working to reform these harmful tactics, which ultimately cause problems for patients in accessing care.

Several years ago, ISMS successfully backed legislation to amend the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act to require the payment of interest for delayed reimbursement. However, the government failed to enforce the requirement due to regulatory ambiguity. ISMS successfully took action in 2018 to pass legislation to clean up the regulations.  

Concurrent with our work in Springfield, actions were occurring in the court to make physicians whole who were impacted by workers’ compensation insurer delayed payments.

Now, with a favorable class-action settlement in Michael E. Beatty, M.D., P.C. v. Accident Fund General Insurance Company, et al., medical practices are finding relief. Insurers must now pay $10 million to workers’ comp physicians. Due to our action in Springfield, it is likely insurers gave up the fight knowing that they were in violation. 

Read the ISMS News Release.

Learn more about the settlement or how to file a claim. The deadline to file a claim is Jan. 21, 2021.

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