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Updated Radiographer Staffing Guidance Will Help Your Practice Run More Efficiently
Posted on: 4/4/2014

On behalf of members and patients, ISMS worked with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to revise guidance for radiographer staffing requirements during fluoroscopic procedures.

The result: more staffing flexibility and less likelihood of limiting patient services and raising costs.

Previous guidance issued by IEMA had posed a burden on medical practices, as it prohibited anyone other than a physician or accredited radiographer to move or position a patient or the fluoroscope. Through ISMS intervention, now a medical assistant or other individual (under a physician's supervision) may do these tasks. An accredited radiographer or physician must still be present to activate or energize the X-ray beam and to adjust the control panel settings during a fluoroscopic procedure.

Last month, IEMA issued the updated guidance to those registered to use fluoroscopy for medical procedures.

As always, ISMS steps in as needed to assure state government does not micromanage your practice.

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