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Modified Do Not Resuscitate Form, Insulin Injections in Public, and Dentists Want to Give Flu Vaccines - Bills on the Move in Springfield
Posted on: 4/4/2014

Legislative action continues in Springfield, and ISMS is there to advocate on behalf of you and your patients. Here's the latest:

Name change for DNR form, expands who may sign it

Just yesterday, the Senate cleared S.B. 3076 with a vote of 34-18 (with one voting present), which would: 

  1. Clarify the title of the current "Illinois Department of Public Health Uniform Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Advance Directive." A future amendment will rename it the "Illinois Department of Public Health Uniform DNR/POLST" form.
  2. Expands the type of health care professionals who may sign the POLST form to include advanced practice nurses, physician assistants and some medical residents. 

S.B.3076, an initiative of ISMS, the Illinois Hospital Association, and the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing, is now before the Illinois House.

Insulin injection should be allowed in public

An ISMS initiative (S.B. 3149) passed the Senate earlier this week that would ensure that a person with diabetes, or parent or legal guardian of a person with diabetes, may self-administer insulin or administer insulin for his or her child in any location, public or private. The bill is now before the House Rules Committee.

Dentists want to give flu shots

Groups representing health care professionals and public health advocates are strongly opposed to an amended bill (S.B. 3409, Amendment #2) that would allow dentists to administer flu vaccines to individuals 18 years or older.    

Call to Action: Please contact your state senator and urge him or her to oppose S.B. 3409 as amended. This bill could be called for a vote in the Senate at any time!

As the Springfield legislative session continues, ISMS will keep you updated in Weekly Rounds and at www.isms.org.

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