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Dentists Want to Give Flu Shots, POLST Form Needs Revision, and More - Update from Springfield
Posted on: 3/28/2014

In their latest quest to provide immunizations to patients, dentists now want to administer flu vaccines to individuals 18 years or older (S.B. 3409 and Amendment # 2).

An earlier version of this bill would have allowed dentists to provide human papillomavirus (HPV); hepatitis B; influenza and shingles vaccinations to individuals aged 10 years and older.

But just this week, Illinois lawmakers amended that legislation to reduce dentists' authority to providing only flu shots. Despite the change, ISMS, along with public health advocates and groups representing other health care professionals, remains opposed to this amended legislation.

The bill will not increase access to immunizations.

Since dentists are not contracted or credentialed by health plans to provide this service, patients would be expected to pay dentists up-front and out-of-pocket.

The Senate Public Health Committee already approved this measure, and it's now before the full Senate.

Read ISMS' white paper on S.B. 3409.

Revised POLST form ensures care consistent with patients' wishes

An ISMS initiative (S.B. 3076) seeks to improve the Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form.

The current form fails to meet national requirements due to potential confusion between the state POLST form and a do-not-resuscitate order. Specific changes remove the "do not resuscitate" and "advance directive" language in the form.

The proposal was approved by the Senate Public Health Committee earlier this week and is now before the full Senate.

Read ISMS' position paper.

Volunteer licenses will help access to health care

To help maintain and expand access to underserved areas, another ISMS initiative (H.B. 4593) would make it possible for retired health care professionals to apply for a category of license allowing for limited practice for uncompensated care.

In an agreed amendment with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), the department would issue the first 500 licenses for no fee (a small fee would apply to subsequent licenses). This proposal applies to physicians, dentists, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants and nurses, who would be issued licenses consistent with the terms and conditions of their existing licensure acts.

The measure has been approved by the House Health Care Licenses Committee and is now before the full House.


The ISMS legislative team continues to work hard in Springfield on your behalf; we will keep you updated in Weekly Rounds and at www.isms.org.

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