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Dangerous Scope Expansion Bill May Return for the Fall Veto Session
Posted on: 10/11/2013

In a communiqué delivered to lawmakers, ISMS joined mental health advocacy groups, hospitals, pharmacists and even some clinical psychologists to strongly oppose legislation (S.B. 2187) that would grant psychologists prescriptive authority without meeting minimal biomedical education and training requirements.

The bill was beaten back during the spring legislative session, and now there's word that the proposal may make an encore appearance at the fall veto session.

While only a small minority of psychologists is supporting this legislation, we must remain vigilant to ensure this scope expansion proposal never comes to fruition.

Call to Action 
ISMS members can contact their state representatives and urge them to oppose S.B. 2187 or any other legislation that allows prescriptive authority for psychologists without proper education and training.

Got a minute? Watch ISMS President Eldon A. Trame, MD, touch on the key points of this topic. Share with your colleagues! 

The fall veto session begins on October 22, and ISMS will keep you informed of legislative developments as they occur.

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