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  • Please Contact Your State Senator Today And Urge Support of House Bill 711, the Prior Authorization Reform Act!

    This legislation has been passed unanimously by the Illinois House and the Senate Insurance Committee. It’s now waiting for a vote by the full senate.

    It’s designed to address significant delays for patient care caused by prior authorization and would: 

    • Establish important maximum timelines for urgent and non-urgent prior authorization requests. Currently, there are no standard timelines, forcing patients to wait an excessive amount of time, often weeks, before care can be initiated.

    • Ensure that prior authorization requirements are based on medical evidence and that decisions are administered by qualified professionals.

    • Require peer-to-peer review to ensure that a physician in the same or similar specialty under review is considering the medical request.

    Learn more at www.yourcarecantwait.org.

    If you have questions, please contact ISMS Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien by email

  • CONTINUE Urging Governor Pritzker to VETO the Prejudgment Interest Bill!

    Senate Bill 72 would institute prejudgment interest in medical liability cases at the rate of 6% per year

    Contact Governor Pritzker now and urge him to VETO Senate Bill 72!

    If you have already contacted the governor, thank you! And please contact him again to urge the veto of this outrageous bill.

    Questions? Contact ISMS Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien by email

  • ISMS Affirms Commitment to Gender Equity in Our Ranks

    At our recent Virtual Annual Meeting, members of the Illinois State Medical Society backed new policy supporting gender equity in ISMS leadership and seeking to overcome representation barriers for women and underrepresented minorities. 

    These new policies align with ISMS’ strong commitment to fair and equitable representation in our organization. We will soon be initiating our annual council and committee appointment process and are seeking ISMS member voices from all backgrounds and perspectives to serve.  Our councils play an active role in policy development and shaping our strategic direction. 

    One committee of particular importance in this area is the Ad Hoc Women Physicians’ Committee, which was formed in 2017 as a forum for women physicians. This committee hosts events throughout the year, including networking opportunities and a panel discussion on gender equity in medicine coming up May 25.

    If you would like to participate in this committee or one of our other councils or committees, please submit your name and preferred council option(s) to DrRCAnderson@isms.org by May 28.

  • Resolution Deadline: May 21

    This is a friendly reminder that we are accepting and reviewing resolutions year-round. Resolutions cover a range of topic areas such as medical practice, public health, medical education and many other areas that intersect with medicine. Contact us if you have questions about the process.

    Take note: Our next resolution deadline is May 21. Resolutions must be submitted by that date for consideration at the next quarterly ISMS Board meeting. 

  • Onboarding New Medical Residents ISMS Webinar Coming Up Thursday, May 27 12:00 p.m.

    Getting a new class of resident physicians acclimated to the processes and culture of a medical institution is challenging at any time, but especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you ready?

    Welcoming New Medical Residents – Considerations for a Smooth Start to the Academic Year is an ISMS webinar designed to help residency program directors with the onboarding process. Join us for a conversation with medical education experts and residency program directors as they discuss how to streamline administrative processes, communicate effectively and introduce incoming residents to the culture of the institution. The program will be moderated by ISMS President Dr. Regan Thomas. 

    ISMS has been offering programs for residency program directors for more than a decade, and this is one of a series of webinars continuing that tradition. This program is intended for residency program directors, but anyone interested in medical education is welcome! It’s free for ISMS members and their staff. All others must pay $150 to attend. 

    Register here.

    For more information, please email us

  • Lyme Disease Webinars Shines Spotlight on Awareness and Prevention

    May is National Lyme Disease Awareness month, a time to spread awareness on how to prevent Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Two upcoming programs for health professionals will provide important updates on Lyme disease mitigation: 

    • Johns Hopkins Medicine offers a webinar on Lyme Disease Awareness taking place May 26 at 11 a.m. CT. Register here.
    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hosting a live program offering Lyme disease updates and new educational tools. Pre-registration is not required. Simply use this link to attend the Zoom webinar on May 20 at 1 p.m. CT. A recorded version of the program will be available here a few hours after the live program concludes.

      If you have questions, please contact the ISMS Health Policy Research and Advocacy team by email

  • Members Can Obtain PPE Supplies at a Discount! Get a 5% discount and free shipping on orders over $250

    At the start of 2021, ISMS partnered with ActionPPE to help physicians and their practices obtain PPE supplies with the power of group purchasing. 

    ActionPPE connects ISMS members with a certified bulk PPE supplier. Product details and certificates for the masks, gowns, gloves, face shields, etc., are provided for your convenience only on the ISMS eCommerce site. Orders are placed online and shipped directly from ActionPPE to your offices. 

    Review and order products by accessing the ISMS eCommerce site

    The DISCOUNT CODE for members: ISMS-SAVE5

    By pooling resources, physicians can meet the needs of their practices and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    If you have any questions, please send an email to support@actionppe.orgThese products are available only to qualified medical professionals for use in their practices

  • Are Your Patients Struggling to Pay for Their Prescriptions?

    Millions of patients skip medications because they cannot afford the high cost of their prescriptions. And many are managing health issues that require more than one medication.

    The Illinois Rx Card may be able to help ease the burden of costly prescription medications for your patients. Patients (and physicians) can save up to 80% on prescription drugs by using this free card. All they need to do is present the card at a pharmacy when paying for a prescription. 

    This savings program is designed to help those who may be uninsured, underinsured or who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits – but anyone can use it.

    In instances in which patients are unable to go to the pharmacy in person, they should call the pharmacy to provide the information and the discount can be applied.

    If you are interested in ordering cards for your practice, clinic, hospital or for yourself, please contact Program Director Charlie Hartung by email or call 888-615-1988. The card can also be printed at home or in your office 

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