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ISMS Affirms Commitment to Gender Equity in Our Ranks
Posted on: 5/14/2021

At our recent Virtual Annual Meeting, members of the Illinois State Medical Society backed new policy supporting gender equity in ISMS leadership and seeking to overcome representation barriers for women and underrepresented minorities. 

These new policies align with ISMS’ strong commitment to fair and equitable representation in our organization. We will soon be initiating our annual council and committee appointment process and are seeking ISMS member voices from all backgrounds and perspectives to serve.  Our councils play an active role in policy development and shaping our strategic direction. 

One committee of particular importance in this area is the Ad Hoc Women Physicians’ Committee, which was formed in 2017 as a forum for women physicians. This committee hosts events throughout the year, including networking opportunities and a panel discussion on gender equity in medicine coming up May 25.

If you would like to participate in this committee or one of our other councils or committees, please submit your name and preferred council option(s) to DrRCAnderson@isms.org by May 28.

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