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Your Help Needed! Contact Governor Pritzker and Urge Him to Veto the Trial Lawyers’ Exorbitant Prejudgment Interest Bill
Posted on: 1/15/2021

Earlier this week, while the Illinois General Assembly was meeting in a lame duck session, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association introduced a last-minute bill to require the payment of prejudgment interest in medical liability cases. By Wednesday, this onerous bill had passed both chambers. 

Illinois doctors are outraged at the passage of House Bill 3360! “Illinois lawmakers should be supporting healthcare heroes who are working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic, not caving into this galling effort to pad the pockets of the plaintiffs’ bar,” said ISMS President Robert W. Panton, MD. 

YOUR immediate action is critical!

House Bill 3360 would amend the Code of Civil Procedure to allow interest to accrue between the date the defendant has notice of the injury (from the incident itself or a written notice) and the time of judgment – often a period of years. It would also apply to any personal injury or death occurring prior to the date the bill becomes law.

House Bill 3360 would also set the rate of prejudgment interest at 9% per year, potentially increasing the ultimate award by tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In medical liability cases, it could be two years or more before the case is actually filed. This has been further exacerbated by COVID-19, which has dramatically slowed civil proceedings.  

Contact Gov. Pritzker immediately! Tell him that physicians and healthcare professionals urge his veto.


217-782-0244 (Capitol)

312-814-2121 (Chicago)

Due to high call volume, we are hearing that some phone calls are going unanswered. Please call back, try the alternate number listed above or send comments electronically via the link below.

Send an email to the governor .

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