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  • Feds Expand Eligibility and Extend Deadline For COVID-19 Relief Fund
    covid19 relief fund

    In an effort to deliver financial relief to health professionals impacted by COVID-19, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has  extended the deadline and expanded eligibility for Phase 2 of the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) General Distribution.  

    The following two groups now have until Aug. 28, 2020, to apply: 

    1. Physicians and other healthcare professionals and entities who participate in Medicaid, Medicaid managed care and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). These groups are eligible to apply even if they previously received PRF funding from the Phase 1 Medicare General Distribution.
    2. Certain Medicare physicians and other healthcare professionals who experienced challenges with the Phase 1 Medicare General Distribution application. 

    Practices can receive a total of approximately two percent of reported revenue from patient care from all PRF funding rounds. The final amount will be determined after your data is submitted.

    Further eligibility information is available and the application portal can be found here.

      If you have questions, please contact the ISMS Health Policy Research and Advocacy team by calling 800-782-4767 ext. 1470, or by  sending an email

  • Don’t Let Obesity Bias Harm Your Relationships with Your Patients

    With the national spotlight on implicit bias related to gender and race, it is important to remember another group whose healthcare experiences are affected by bias: patients with obesity.

    Obesity is a disease state that can cause direct harm to patients’ health in many ways. But evidence suggests that many healthcare professionals hold negative attitudes about patients with obesity, and these attitudes may affect the care they provide – potentially compounding the problems these patients already experience. 

    Join ISMS on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at noon for Obesity Bias and Its Impact on Patients, a webinar that will discuss obesity bias from several different angles and help you build stronger relationships with your patients. 

    • ISMS members and their staff can participate in this webinar for free. All others must pay $150 to attend.
    • CME offered | Register here.

  • Important Tips for Completing the Form that Grants or Denies Driving Privileges
    driving privileges

    Physicians at times may need to fill out a medical report form from the Secretary of State’s office pertaining to their patients’ ability to drive. The Secretary’s office has identified common areas of concern that result in requests for the form to be resubmitted. 

    When completing the form, be sure to answer question number 1 in both “Section II Medical Health” and “Section III Mental Health” or the form will be returned.

    Both of these questions are required and ask the physician in his or her professional opinion whether the individual is “medically fit” and “mentally fit” to safely operate a motor vehicle.

    If the medical report is favorable and indicates that the individual can safely operate a motor vehicle, the patient MUST sign the form and the Secretary of State’s office strongly encourages physicians to fax the form to 217-785-3016. Forms may also be sent to the Secretary of State, Medical Review Unit, 2701 S. Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62723. 

    If the physician does not approve for the patient to drive, the physician does not have to inform the patient seeking driving privileges, but should fax the form to the Secretary of State’s office at 217-785-3016. The patient’s signature is not required. As long as a diagnosis/reason is provided for cancelling the license, the Secretary of State’s office will notify the driver of the cancellation.  

    Medical reports received by the Secretary of State’s Office are confidential. 

    If you have questions, please contact the ISMS Health Policy Research and Advocacy team by calling 800-782-4767 ext. 1470, or by  sending an email

  • Annual Meeting Action in August!
    2020 annual meeting logo

    Due to the cancellation of our in-person Annual Meeting, ISMS took our activities virtual. In addition to routine policy and governance issues, we also had an action-packed slate of CME programming planned. In August, we hosted two live webinars that were originally developed as in-person sessions


    treating chronic pain without opioids addressing illinois health disparities

    Speaking of the Annual Meeting… This is a friendly reminder that we are accepting and reviewing resolutions year-round. Resolutions cover a range of topic areas such as medical practice, public health, medical education and many other areas that intersect with medicine. View our guide to developing resolutions or contact us is you have questions about the process.

    Take note: Our next resolution deadline is Sept. 25. Resolutions must be submitted by that date for consideration at the next quarterly ISMS Board meeting.

  • Early Flu Vaccination Critical to Avoid Compounding Pandemic
    flu shot

    The 2020-21 flu season is fast approaching, and there is growing concern that even a mild flu strain could have a compounding impact because of COVID-19. As a result, public health officials are urging early and widespread influenza vaccination.  

    In spite of CDC recommendations that patients continue to receive immunizations even during the pandemic, there is evidence that important vaccinations are being missed due to COVID-19. Skipped doctor visits and missed vaccinations could increase the risk of a flu outbreak because fewer people are inoculated. 

    One silver lining to COVID-19? The CDC reports that heightened social distancing due to COVID-19 might help to limit influenza transmission.

    If you have questions, please contact us by  email.

  • ISMS Welcomes New Members
    new members stethescope lavender

    Thank you for joining the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS)!

    ISMS is the community for all physicians to be heard in Illinois. Your membership in ISMS provides you with some incredible opportunities and access to a team of individuals working tirelessly to provide you the resources and support you need throughout your medical career.

    ISMS is dedicated to addressing your needs and to making positive changes in the healthcare environment in our state. Welcome to ISMS!

    New members

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