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  • Affordable Access to Insulin and Pharmacy Refill Legislation Head to Governor’s Desk; Flavored Tobacco/Nicotine Products Not Snuffed Out Yet

    The fall veto session wrapped up last week in Springfield. 

    Several notable healthcare issues were on the table related to automated prescription refills, the capping of out-of-pocket insulin costs for patients, and sales of any flavored tobacco product and nicotine product.

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  • ISMS Advocacy Secures Reduction in Medical Licensure Fees for 2020!

    Starting with the upcoming 2020 medical licensure cycle, the fee for renewing a permanent three-year medical license in Illinois will drop!  

    The reduction in medical licensure fees for 2020 renewals is a direct result of ISMS advocacy.

    As you may remember, six years ago the Illinois General Assembly solved the shortfall in the Medical Disciplinary Fund, which had been drained for other state programs, by increasing medical licensing fees.

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  • Save Time! Your EHR Can Automatically Send a Request to the PMP

    Are you using PMPnow? 

    This free service allows your electronic health record system (EHR) to automatically send requests to the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). Patient information is then viewable within seconds inside your EHR. 

    With PMPnow, you no longer need to enter your credentials to log into the PMP website for every search. 

    If you haven’t already, request a connection here for PMPnow. 

    For more information, visit the PMPnow website

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  • Interested in Joining the ISMS Leadership Team? Applications Are Due December 6

    If you would like to serve in ISMS leadership, get your application ready! Applications must be received by Dec. 6, 2019, at 4:45 p.m.

    The nominating committee will consider applications from current ISMS members with: 

    • At least four continuous years of membership
    • A minimum of two years of experience and service in ISMS or an external medically related professional organization

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  • You’re Experienced. Now Pass it On!

    Impact a young doctor's life! 

    Personal guidance can be critical for supporting physicians throughout their professional development.

    ISMS' new Mentor Center is designed to help members create mentorship relationships with member colleagues throughout Illinois. 

    Members have the option to serve as a mentor and/or a mentee. Simply create a profile for each role with a single login. 

    Sign up today!

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