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  • What if ISMS Was Not Advocating for You in Springfield?

    The 2019 spring legislative session was one of the most active sessions in memory.

    Your ISMS legislative team worked incredibly hard on your behalf in Springfield!

    ISMS was an important stakeholder in negotiations on some elements of the larger issues and we also achieved a number of significant victories on other key pieces of legislation pertaining to your profession. 

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  • Are You Prepared to Sign a Death Certificate within the 48-Hour Window?

    Many physicians are uncomfortable with signing death certificates. For some, this may be due to concerns over potential litigation, while others may be uneasy stating a cause of death when the patient died outside of their presence. 

    Yet when a patient passes away, the physician who was in charge of the patient's care must complete and sign a medical certification within 48 hours, with a few exceptions. 

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  • Patients Often Ask Their Doctors, 'How Much Will this Cost?'

    A patient’s uncertainty about the cost for recommend care could be a barrier to the patient receiving that care. Medical professionals can play a key role in helping patients understand those costs.

    That’s why ISMS offers members a FREE resource to help you walk patients through how health insurance works, what the patient’s particular plan covers, how cost-sharing provisions are structured, and how to find cost estimates for specific treatments.

    Access our newest Issue Brief,  Helping Patients Understand the Cost of Medical Services.

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  • Remember When Land of Lincoln Failed in 2016? The Insurer Now Has a Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court

    In 2016, the Illinois Department of Insurance closed down the Illinois-based health insurance co-op Land of Lincoln, which had been hemorrhaging financially since 2015.

    Fast forward to 2019 and the U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to hear a case brought forward by the defunct health insurer.

    Incidentally, this closure and commercial health insurers downsizing PPO networks were key events that drove ISMS to spearhead the Network Adequacy and Transparent Act.

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  • Yes, Summer Is a Good Time to Get to Know Your Legislators – ISMS Can Help

    It’s summertime! And while Illinois’ General Assembly is not in session, lawmakers are in their districts and have more time to meet with their constituents.

    Developing a relationship with your legislators is essential to being an effective advocate. But first, do you know who represents you in Springfield and the best way to advocate for your profession?

    ISMS has developed a hot new online resource to help you do just that. Access Legislative Advocacy: An Illinois Physician’s How-To Guide today!  

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