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Do You Need to Switch Your Membership Status? ISMS Offers Discounts and Dues-Free Membership for Certain Categories
Posted on: 8/12/2019

ISMS members who retire are eligible for dues-free membership. But did you know ISMS offers a part-time membership status with reduced dues?

Please contact us if you are making a career change that will impact your membership status. 

Members must meet certain requirements to be eligible for these categories:

For retired members: Regular members who by reason of age or incapacity have retired from active practice are eligible for dues-free retired membership status. Retired status is not available to physicians who assume compensated positions in the healthcare field after retiring from medical practice. 

For emeritus members: Emeritus members are those who have been regular members in good standing for 35 years and have reached or will have reached the age of 70 before the next fiscal year.

For part-time members: Physicians who work 20 hours or less per week, whether the hours worked are clinically related or another type of healthcare related employment, may apply for part-time status. To be eligible for part-time status, the member must obtain a cover letter from their medical liability insurer or a note from an employer verifying their hours of employment.

If you meet or will soon meet the requirements noted above, contact ISMS membership at 800-782-4767 ext. 1900 or by email in order to switch your status.

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