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A Win! Hospital Does Not Have to Produce a Doctor's Protected Credentialing File
Posted on: 7/1/2019

The case of Magen Willis v. Highland Medical Center, a medical negligence case, is of the utmost importance to physicians. The core issue hinged on whether the defendant was entitled to assert the protections of Illinois’ Medical Studies Act for documents contained in a credentialing file.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of a deceased patient’s estate, alleged improper medical treatment that the deceased received in 2013. During discovery, the plaintiff sought production of a physician’s credentialing file held by a hospital. 

Good news: The Appellate Court of Illinois reinforced that these documents are privileged under Illinois law.

As doctors know, statutory confidentiality and privilege protections are important aspects of the credentialing process, as they ensure open and honest discussion and evaluation of physicians.

Without these protections, disclosure may occur, particularly during litigation – to the detriment of physicians. 

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