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AMA Adopts ISMS Proposals to Address Gender Bias in Medical Research, Support Use of HSA Dollars to Pay for Direct Primary Care
Posted on: 6/18/2019

Last week, the American Medical Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting convened in Chicago.

Your Illinois delegation brought forth 15 resolutions and co-sponsored three more proposals that were introduced by national specialty organizations. Topping our list of accomplishments was the adoption of our proposal to mitigate gender bias in medical research. Our resolution garnered tremendous support from the AMA House of Delegates and received national coverage

Additionally, delegates voted to support ISMS-introduced policy supporting the use of health savings account (HSA) dollars to pay for Direct Primary Care.  

Several other ISMS initiatives generated hearty debate. Our proposal on enhancing the privacy of patient data collected through consumer genetic tests garnered tremendous interest and will be studied further by the AMA. Our proposal to ban recreational edible cannabis products will also be studied.

Below is your “cheat sheet” recap for all of the ISMS items considered at the AMA meeting. 

For more background on our proposals, visit the 2019 ISMS resolution tracking page to view the source resolutions from this year or the archive of status reports for resolutions from previous years.

2019 AMA Resolutions 2019 AMA Resolutions 2 2019 AMA Resolutions 3

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