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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies Are Breaking Laws
Posted on: 10/8/2018

Patient care in jeopardy, doctors owed millions of dollars

In many cases, health professionals who provide care to injured workers are forced to wait years for reimbursement from workers' compensation insurance companies. Even when the reimbursements finally do arrive, the payments do not include late-payment interest – which health professionals are entitled to by current law.

Workers' compensation insurance companies are also skirting current Illinois law by refusing to use electronic billing. A paper-based system not only forces medical practices to spend thousands of dollars on certified mail, if often causes delayed care. 

"This is all about fairness and access to care. Because ultimately if physicians aren’t getting paid, they can’t continue to see workers’ comp. patients. And then who is going to take care of injured workers?"

ISMS President Katherine M. Tynus, MD
Excerpt of interview from Health News Illinois

This year ISMS helped to pass bipartisan legislation that would finally enforce late-payment interest, allow physicians to go to court to collect the owed compensation and make work comp insurance companies comply with an existing electronic billing mandate.

But Governor Rauner rejected it, issuing an amendatory veto with language that could make the current crisis even worse.

Illinois lawmakers have the ability to override the veto in November, but they need to hear from you!

Contact your State Representative and State Senator. Urge them to override the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 904. Click here to connect with your legislators and to send your message.

After the November General Election, the Illinois General Assembly's fall veto session will begin on November 13. Time is of the essence. Please contact your lawmakers now!

Watch for updates in Physician Advocate and on the Legislative Action Hub

If you have any questions, please contact ISMS Vice President of Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien at 312-580-6488.

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