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ISMS Offers Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training – FREE for You and Your Staff!
Posted on: 8/24/2018

New law related to sexual harassment prevention

Governor Rauner recently signed House Bill 4953 into law. This legislation requires professionals who need continuing education to renew their licenses to complete 1 hour of education related to sexual harassment prevention.

The law will apply to license renewals starting Jan. 1, 2020, which includes all Illinois physicians

The 1 hour CME requirement is part of the 150 hours needed to renew one’s license – not in addition to the 150 hour CME requirement.

Please note: The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has not yet set the rules regarding what exactly will fulfill the educational requirement related to sexual harassment prevention.

Whether IDFPR will announce the specifics soon or closer to the start of 2020 is not yet known. ISMS will keep you informed on the requirements of this new law when more details become available.

CME available 

The ISMS Education Center offers on-demand courses relevant to physicians, available 24/7. All education is FREE to members and their staff! 

Two brand new courses on sexual misconduct prevention are now available. 

Clinical psychologist and medical educator Daniel O’Connell, PhD, will present both courses in our "Sexual Misconduct in the Medical Setting" series:  

All workplaces share the desire for staff to feel free from unwanted intrusions of a sexual nature. It is also required by law that workplaces have an organized approach to prevent, investigate, and remedy situations in which unwanted sexual invitations, comments, innuendos and pressures are experienced. Dr. O’Connell discusses sexual misconduct specific to the medical setting.

Dr. O’Connell guides participants through the guidelines developed by the medical community, licensing authorities and the legal system to help protect patients and clinicians from drifting into behavior that is potentially unethical and problematic.

For all other courses, visit the ISMS Education Center and peruse the entire course catalog.

If you have any questions, ISMS members may contact our advocacy team by calling 800-782-4767 ext. 1470, or by sending an email.

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