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Get a Preview of ISMS' 2018 Legislative Agenda
Posted on: 2/28/2018

As Illinois' General Assembly gets underway, here are the issues topping ISMS' legislative agenda:


  • Protecting Disclosure of a Physician's Medical License Number: Senate Bill 3018 would prohibit the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation from publicly disclosing an individual’s medical license number as a means to thwart identity theft and fraud.  

  • Recoupment: House Bill 4820 seeks to limit a payer’s ability to recoup payment to 60 days, as opposed to the current 18 months. 

  • Illegal Possession of an Illinois Controlled Substance License: Senate Bill 3184 would amend the Illinois Controlled Substances Act to prohibit requests for or possession of a prescriber’s Illinois controlled substance license number or Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number for purposes other than those for which these numbers are intended. 

  • Extending the Time Patients Can Access Refills for Non-Controlled Substances: Senate Bill 3170 would extend the time a patient can refill a prescription for a non-controlled substance from 12 months to 15 months.  

  • Allowing Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Facilities to File Liens: House Bill 4911 would amend the Health Care Services Lien Act to allow ambulatory surgical treatment facilities (ASTFs) to file liens. Under current law, only health care professionals and licensed medical facilities (hospitals, home health agencies, and ambulatory surgical treatment centers [ASTCs]) are able to file liens.  

  • “Trailer Bill” to House Bill 311 – Network Adequacy and Transparency Act: Senate Bill 3491 is a technical follow-up to the NAT Act.  The bill would clarify that the tenets of the NAT Act do not apply to dental and vision plans, as requested by the Illinois Department of Insurance. The legislation will also clarify, in the provision regarding the accuracy of provider directories, that the network plans will be held harmless when the information submitted by the provider is inaccurate or incomplete. 

As the spring legislative session continues, ISMS will keep you informed via Physician Advocate  and the Legislative Action Hub. If you haven't yet, check out the Hub! This site is your one-stop shop for legislative issues, ISMS position papers, roll call votes and additional information on medicine-related legislation.

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