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What Doctors Need to Know About Lyme Disease
Posted on: 4/25/2017

maylymeIn 2015, Illinois reported 255 confirmed cases of Lyme disease, the bacterial infection transmitted by the lxodes tick – also known as the deer tick or the black-legged tick. If not diagnosed and treated early, the bacteria can spread and cause serious health issues for patients.  

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Remind patients to keep bug spray handy and take precautions against tick bites with these tips, courtesy of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Patients should consult a physician immediately if they experience a rash or any unexplained illness following a tick bite. The key is screening and proper treatment of the disease.

Inform patients about ISMS’ educational web page on Lyme disease

CDC resources for physicians

Lyme disease web page

Tickborne Diseases of the United States – A Reference Manual

For your traveling patients, check out this interactive Lyme disease map for the United States – just click on any state to see the prevalence of reported cases. 

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