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Network Adequacy Bill Clears IL House, Now the Action Moves to Senate
Posted on: 4/27/2017

The Network Adequacy and Transparency Act (NAT Act) cleared the Illinois House with an overwhelming majority of Representatives supporting!

On Monday, 110 of 118 lawmakers voted in favor of this legislation ( House Bill 311).

See how your Representative voted

House Bill 311 is now under consideration in the Illinois Senate, and has already picked up 13 co-sponsors

Call to action: Contact your State Senator TODAY to support and co-sponsor House Bill 311. (Click on the arrow under the heading "Actions.")

Watch NAT Act Video

View NAT Act infographic

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Read House Bill 311 Position Paper

The NAT Act is an ISMS initiative to protect Illinois patients and will:

  • Provide the Illinois Department of Insurance a framework to ensure that patients have access to necessary health care professionals, including specialists and appropriate health care facilities. 

  • Require health insurers to provide notice to patients when their health care professional is no longer in their network.

  • Allow patients with serious health conditions or who are pregnant to stay with their health care professional for a designated period of time if the network changes.

  • Ensure that network directories are accurate and kept up-to-date for patients to make informed decisions about selecting both their health insurance plans and health professionals.

While the direction of our health care system is being debated in Washington, narrow networks and the trend to narrow them even further without any transparency will continue. 

We need to enact consumer protections at the state level!

As the spring legislative session continues, ISMS will keep you informed with Physician Advocate and the Legislative Action Hub. Stay tuned! 

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